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California, US
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Clavax's legacy modernization approach features an exquisite range of services incorporating a comprehensive service-oriented architecture (SOA) model to deliver a simpler, cost-effective & scalable ecosystem. The company helps users to migrate to modern platforms while maintaining their data and business logic. The company uses this data and business logic to integrate the system into other modernised systems. Request CLAVAX Pricing to get more information.


Clavax's legacy modernization approach features an exquisite range of services: Re-engineering - Clavax helps in migrating the legacy system to a new platform and incorporates latest updates as per the present business requirements. Implementing Packages - Clavax helps in replacing the legacy systems by third-party softwares like CRM, ERP, SCM, etc. Re-hosting - Clavax specialises in re-hosting, where it moves the existing legacy system into a new and different hardware platform while retaining its data and business logic. Integrating new systems via a Service-oriented approach - Clavax uses data and business logic retrieved from legacy systems to integrate the system into other new distributed systems with a service-oriented approach, thereby turning it into a reusable and well-defined service.

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +7 Clientele Base and Testimonials
  • +13 Analytics Capabilities
  • +11 Application Migration
  • +9 Application Re-hosting
  • +7 Data Protection
  • +5 Scalablity
  • +10 1 to 10
  • +6 Open Source Migration
  • +12 Application Integration
  • +8 Application Portfolio Assessment
  • +10 Application Re-Platforming
  • +6 Application remediation
  • +14 Application re-write
  • +8 Non-invasive Integration
  • +6 Mainframe Modernization & Migration
  • +11 Support Services
  • +13 UI Modernization
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Top Features

  1. Functionalities / Analytics Capabilities
  2. Service Offerings / Open Source Migration
  3. Product Differentiation and Impact on Customer Value / Clientele Base and Testimonials
  4. Service Offerings / Application Re-hosting
  5. Service Offerings / Application Migration
  6. Functionalities / Scalablity
  7. Functionalities / Data Protection
  8. Number of projects completed / 1 to 10