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IBM CORPORATION in Application Modernization Services


IBM offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, including those in the consulting, technology, and financing domains, to fulfil the demands of several industries across the globe. It makes major investments in cutting-edge technologies, services that are engagement-proven, and tools and skills that enhance its offerings in the market. IBM understands its customers’ business needs and is able to offer multiple application modernization solutions.


IBM has a portfolio of modernization services that showcases application portfolio assessment, application migration, UI modernization, application integration, application re-hosting, and post-modernization services. IBM Cloud Application Platform gives users the tools needed for refactoring existing environments to platforms that use latest technology to run across several environments and clouds. Users have the flexibility to apply existing applications through the use of microservices, containers, integrated DevOps, and Kubernetes.

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  • Product Maturity / Service Offerings / Application Portfolio...
    Improvement of Product quality
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  • Product Maturity / Service Offerings / Application Re-Platfo...
    Improving user experience
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  • Product Maturity / Service Offerings / Application Migration
    Cloud Migration
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  • Product Maturity / Service Offerings / Application Integrati...
    User and employee satisfaction.
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  • Product Maturity / Service Offerings / UI Modernization
    Greater consumability and extensibility
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  • Product Maturity / Service Offerings / Support Services
    Real time value insights
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  • Product Maturity / Functionalities / Scalablity
    Managing multiple data centers
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  • Clientele Base and Testimonials
  • Analytics Capabilities
  • Application Integration
  • Application Migration
  • Application Portfolio Assessment
  • Application Re-Platforming
  • No. of New Service Upgradations 1 to 2
  • Application Re-hosting
  • Scalablity
  • Application re-write
  • Data Protection
  • Non-invasive Integration
  • Support Services
  • Non-Agile
    It is challenging to adapt legacy systems constantly to keep up with increasing business requirements. Show More
  • Proven succes both direct and with SIs
    Asysco has proven engagements with many SIs as well as delivering direct. Proven RACI matrices are availabel for direct, thin, medium and thick prime engagements buth in a prime, subcrontractor or even a 3 party engagement. Show More
    Asysco is the only company with a solution that let''s its customers decide when to transition off of COBOL without the need for a second project. AMT COBOL already generates readable, maintainable .NET code that runs in production. At any point in time, customers can take away the COBOL development and continue programming in .NET Show More
  • Fully cloud centric
    Asysco''s AMT solution is completely cloud proven with many customers already. Asysco can proof and showcase MIPS scalability beyond any of our competitors Show More
  • Cost
    The cost of maintaining legacy systems can be prohibitive for some.
  • No. of New Service Upgradations 2 to 5
  • No. of New Service Upgradations 5 to 7
  • No. of new service upgradations- More than 7
  • Service Offerings
  • Application remediation
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“Cloud Integration and Migration"

IBM''s Cloud Migration Factory streamlines the process and helps accelerate migration while reducing complications.
Head - Product Management,Buyer Healthcare
Head - Product Management, Buyer Healthcare

“Strong project management"

We like their strong project management and analytical skills and their ability to understand our end client’s requirements. Their three phases which includes replatform, repackage, refactor are quite impressive. At any point along the replatform-repackage-refactor journey, it''s reasonable and expected to externalize the business value in an application as APIs.

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IBM CORPORATION Presence in Application Modernization Services
IBM focuses largely on technological advancements and R&D, and has its innovation centers in 34 countries. The company’s 8,099 patents in the fields of cloud, cognitive health, artificial intelligence and cognitive computing, and cybersecurity displays its emphasis on innovation to gain a competitive advantage and tap the high potential markets. It has developed a strong channel partner base to offer its clients with services and technical support in the application modernization services market. IBM’s partner ecosystem constitutes of regional distributors, third-party system integrators, cloud service providers, and technology consultants.The company has devised a combination of organic and inorganic growth strategies to compete in the application modernization services market. For instance, in June 2017, it launched the Netcool Operations insights, which shows real-time visual insights of the underlying supporting infrastructure. It has enabled companies to manage applications and services in the hybrid cloud environment efficiently. Moreover, in June 2016, IBM acquired EZSource, an Israel-based company that offers application discovery services. This acquisition aimed to add EZSource’s expertise in IBM’s DevOps and API management offerings to speed up the application modernization projects. Furthermore, it has strong partnership alliances with leading technology providers that enable it to expand its client base and footprints across the globe.


#1 Service Offerings / Application Re-Platforming
#2 Service Offerings / Application Migration
#3 Service Offerings / Application Integration
#4 Functionalities / Scalablity
#5 Service Offerings / UI Modernization


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