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InterraIT’s Legacy Transformation Services eliminate unnecessary IT costs, reduce capital spending and help freeing resources for new strategic and revenue-generating initiatives. The company transforms legacy systems (e.g. business critical applications running on Mainframes, AS400 systems etc.) to agile and efficient applications through the use of intelligent automation, specialized skills and global delivery capabilities. Through architectural realignment, the company enables better User Experience and responsive UI design/ multi-device support with seamless system access. InterraIT helps businesses re-define business strategies in alignment to their key business objectives by leveraging emerging Digital Technologies to build competitive market advantage. InterraIT's consultants specialize in helping clients in transforming their business models in face of competitive threats from new entrants or existing competition armed with digital technologies. InterraIT assists clients implement digital transformation by unifying business and technology architectures to enable competitive advantage and top line growth. Request INTERRA INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES Pricing to get more information.


Interra IT offers offers a comprehensive portfolio of IT and IT-enabled services with a distinct focus on providing product engineering services, web-based custom enterprise applications and mobile application development. The company offers: InterraIT Legacy Transformation - Tool based approach reduces the code conversion timeline to around one-third compared to the manual approach across various source and target platforms. Lesser testing due to automated code generation. The migration tools lead to great productivity gains reducing the migration effort and cost. The company also specialises in : Cloud consulting, Application Design, Security & Migration, Virtualization, UX Design, UI Development, UX Consulting

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +7 Clientele Base and Testimonials
  • +13 Analytics Capabilities
  • +9 No. of New Service Upgradations 1 to 2
  • +12 Application Integration
  • +11 Application Migration
  • +8 Application Portfolio Assessment
  • +9 Application Re-hosting
  • +10 Application Re-Platforming
  • +5 Scalablity
  • +6 Mainframe Modernization & Migration
  • +11 Support Services
  • +13 UI Modernization
  • +5 R&D Spend
  • +6 Application remediation
  • +14 Application re-write
  • +7 Data Protection
  • +8 Non-invasive Integration
  • +6 Open Source Migration
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  2. Service Offerings / Support Services
  3. Functionalities / Analytics Capabilities
  4. Service Offerings / Mainframe Modernization & Migration
  5. Product Differentiation and Impact on Customer Value / Clientele Base and Testimonials
  6. Service Offerings / Application Portfolio Assessment
  7. Service Offerings / Application Re-hosting
  8. Service Offerings / Application Re-Platforming
  9. Service Offerings / Application Migration
  10. Service Offerings / Application Integration