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PITSS.CON tool is the all-in-one legacy code analysis and transformation platform. PITSS.CON analyzes the code and extracts the business rules. It also offers modern solutions to legacy system integration, connecting the usre's business with modern technology and platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, and more. Request PITSS CON Pricing to get more information.


PITSS offers the following application modernization solutions: Static Code Analysis - PITSS assesses the user's Oracle Forms and Reports applications from the inside out with the help of its static code analysis tool, allowing organizations to take the guesswork and risk out of application development and maintenance. Using Oracle’s own API and the analytical power of its centralized data repository, the company's static code analysis tool performs a fast, detailed review of even the most complex and comprehensive applications. Dynamic Code Analysis - PITSS.CON offers a 360 degree analysis whichallows them to create a clear picture of the user's systems. With an upgrade analysis and the help of PITSS.CON, the company presents an automated, potentially automated, and manual process necessary to upgrade or migrate the legacy code. They provide the users with a cost estimate for the entire upgrade process from the infrastructure to the project planning to any necessary manual changes to source code. After the analysis, PITSS can help the users to precisely plan and drive the legacy application upgrade project. Digital Transformation Strategy - Use Case Analysis, Portfolio Assessment, PITSS.CON SOftware, Full-Stack Team Legacy Code Reengineering and Re-Architecting - PITSS focuses on analyzing workflows and business processes within an organization’s legacy code. They help organizations rethink and rewrite how their applications work in order to improve operations, end user interactions, and overall service. They can also use code rearchitecting to change the user's application to see better performance and scalability. They extract, then utilize the data service layer that’s right within the code.

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