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SOFTSOL ModernizeNow PB Migration
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Their PowerBuilder migration tools automatically convert up to 95% of the source code to either Java or .NET. Even in limited documentation cases, SoftSol’s methodologies ensure that 100% of the legacy business logic is retained in the robust new target environment. PowerBuilder conversion offers immediate and long-term advantages through web enablement, improved performance across multiple platforms (i.e. mobile), better integration with web technologies, expanded availability of resources to support and enhance the program, and improved scalability. SoftSol’s mainframe modernization is a cost-effective and seamless solution for migrating legacy applications to modern architectures so that the migrated applications are maintainable, extensible, and could take advantage of latest technologies and platforms. Request SOFTSOL ModernizeNow PB Migration Pricing to get more information.


SoftSol is a CMMi Level3 certified company that serves many industries with their advanced IT solutions including the public sector, media, high tech, and life sciences. They offer application development and testing, on demand software testing, modernization, Big Data, business process automation, cloud, and mobility services that help their customers solve business problems and significantly improve efficiency, innovation, compliance, and cost savings. Their products include: Programs customized for public sector needs such as the IntelliCourt and corporate investigations case management systems, their bug testing tool BUGFAST, and application and legacy modernization tools . BUGFAST, certified by HP, empowers business analysts to create, execute, and maintain automated test scripts. SoftSol specializes in reengineering and transforming legacy client/server applications to multi-tier Java/J2EE and C#/.NET technologies. SoftSol has developed a proprietary conversion tool to enhance the speed and accuracy of the Forte modernization process. This tool converts up to 99% of the Forte code to either a Java/J2EE or .NET environment.

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  • +7 Clientele Base and Testimonials
  • +13 Analytics Capabilities
  • +9 No. of New Service Upgradations 1 to 2
  • +12 Application Integration
  • +11 Application Migration
  • +8 Application Portfolio Assessment
  • +9 Application Re-hosting
  • +10 Application Re-Platforming
  • +6 Application remediation
  • +14 Application re-write
  • +7 Data Protection
  • +5 Scalablity
  • +10 1 to 10
  • +6 Mainframe Modernization & Migration
  • +6 Open Source Migration
  • +11 Support Services
  • +13 UI Modernization
  • +5 R&D Spend
  • +8 Non-invasive Integration
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