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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Assurance services offered by TCS address both business and quality challenges for global clients. The company's assurance services portfolio covers the entire testing value cycle, which also includes test consulting and advisory, test services implementation, and managed services for test environment and test data management. TCS leverages its domain expertise to consistently redefine quality assurance and testing paradigms to encourage customers stay ahead of the curve. TCS also offers TIARA™ (TCS Integrated Assessment Framework for Assurance) which provides a leading edge QA process maturity assessment and benchmarking methodology. Request TCS Pricing to get more information.


TCS assurance services include test consulting and advisory services; test services implementation; and managed services for test environment, test data management, and release, configuration, and change management. The company also offers solutions such as an intelligent testing system for end-to-end lifecycle automation, NETRA for test environment management, and 360° assurance powered test analytics for superior quality.

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +14 Compatibility Testing
  • +6 Compliance Testing
  • +8 Delivery Model - Onshore
  • +11 Functionality Testing
  • +13 Performance Testing
  • +5 Professional Services
  • +5 Security Testing
  • +12 Usability Testing
  • +9 Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings
  • +12 Customer Support
  • +8 Dedicated Account Manager (DAM)
  • +10 Delivery Model - Hybrid
  • +9 Delivery Model - Offshore
  • +8 Desktop Application Testing
  • +11 Focus on Product Innovation
  • +10 Mobile Application Testing
  • +9 On-Site Support
  • +14 Other Support Services
  • +11 Other type of Services
  • +6 Product Demos
  • -11 Differentiating Factor
  • -12 Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • -8 Customer Redressal Mechanism/Program
  • -7 Level of Support
  • -7 Other Features offered
  • -10 Remote Support
  • -5 No. of Innovations
  • -7 R&D Spend
  • -14 New Methodology Launch
  • -12 New Service Launch
  • -13 New Tool Launch
  • -6 Managed Services
  • -7 Other Services
  • -6 Total Revenue
  • -13 Services Brief
  • -7 Licensing
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TCS presence in Application Testing Services

The company has expertise in digital technologies, especially in the areas of cloud, artificial intelligence and robotics, social media, mobility and pervasive computing, and analytics and Big Data. Over the past few years, TCS has been recognized for its quality assurance services. For instance, in December 2015, TCS was recognized as a leader in quality assurance services at The European Software Testing Awards 2015. The company also received several awards such as the Best Agile Project Award in partnership with Aviva, Best Mobile Project Award in partnership with the Avis Budget Group, Testing Innovator of the Year award, and Leading Vendor award. The company is committed to investing in partnerships and expansions. For instance, in December 2015, TCS expanded its resource capacity by adding 3,000 employees at its Bhubaneswar (India) facility. TCS further plans on leveraging its existing client relationships and developing a customer-centric model. It is presently developing a holistic services portfolio, which will enable the company to seize the entire IT value chain.

Top Features

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  3. Features Offered / Performance Testing
  4. Delivery Model / Delivery Model - Hybrid
  5. Delivery Model / Delivery Model - Offshore
  6. Features Offered / Usability Testing
  7. Features Offered / Functionality Testing
  8. Services Offered / Professional Services
  9. Delivery Model / Delivery Model - Onshore
  10. Features Offered / Compatibility Testing