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  • Karnataka, India
  • 1945
  • $5BN to $10BN
Company Overview
The company also offers quality engineering services that include digital assurance services, DevOps testing, automation engineering, performance engineering, security testing, and mobility and cloud testing. In addition, Wipro offers product and package application testing, data-centric testing, test environment management, and legacy testing for end-to-end quality assurance. The company further provides industry-specific testing solutions to industries, such as BFSI, healthcare & life sciences, and energy & utilities. Wipro is focused on automating test processes and offers multiple automation and optimization tools, solutions, and methodologies. The IntelliAssure and AssureNXT automation platforms developed by Wipro are primarily utilized for quality engineering and testing.

Wipro is one of the key players in the application testing services market. The company offers a wide range of product and service offerings that include risk-based testing, cloud testing, business assurance testing, ready-to-deploy tools, such as model-based testing and test lifecycle automation, and industry point solutions. Wipro offers test advisory and risk & compliance testing services to ensure business growth with the consistently changing IT landscape.

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WIPRO LIMITED Presence in Application Testing Services
Wipro focuses on assisting its potential business clients with digital transformation and automation. The company understands the latest market trends and dynamic demands of business clients. Wipro has developed a strong expertise in testing processes to offer differentiated and next-generation testing services to clients. Furthermore, the company emphasizes on selecting and partnering with technology partners to expand its global reach. For instance, in August 2017, Wipro partnered with Tricentis, a software testing company, to offer end-to-end hyper automation. With this partnership, Wipro enabled its clients to achieve business outcomes through the combination of Wipro AssureNXT, Wipro HOLMES, and Tricentis Tosca. Furthermore, in September 2016, Wipro partnered with Witbe to enhance its integrated test automation and video services monitoring solutions offerings. This partnership strategy helped Wipro strengthen its managed services programs and also cater to the rising demand for video Quality of Service (QoS) and device automation in the media & entertainment industry.
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