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Site24x7 Artificial Intelligence Software
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Site24x7 Artificial Intelligence Software is a platform offering all the levels of monitoring for developers and also IT operations within a business organization. This works as a Solution for monitoring the experience of real-time users and website visitors and also the desktop applications with in-depth analysis. Troubleshooting applications, servers and also network infrastructure which include public and also private cloud management.

Site24x7 Pricing

The variances of Site24x7 Pricing depend according to the requirements of the users. The pricing is in line with leading competitors in the market

  • Pro- It costs $35/ month
  • Classic- It costs $89/ month
  • Elite- It costs 225/month
  • Enterprise- It costs $449/month 

Site24x7 Pricing plan differs according to the level of the user.

Site24x7 Demo

The developers offer a free trial version of Site24x7 Artificial Intelligence Software on the official website. There are also demo videos and tutorials available, absolutely free of cost.

Site24x7 Features

Server Management: Integrated features like monitoring the CPU, database servers, events logs, managing the patches, also tracking and monitoring user activity have been added. Email monitoring, tracking user history and demographics, making schedules, monitoring virtual machines are also operated.

Managing Application Performance: Operated by baseline management and managers, diagnostics of entire transaction units, managing the resources, managing the performance of server have been integrated. Diagnosis of root causes, tracing individual transactions within the system also included.

AI: Features chatbots, multi-lingual support systems, automation of process or workflow management. Integrated predictive analysis also performed by the software.

Cloud Management: Involves performance analytics frameworks along with managing the cost factors also. Choose different options like multi-cloud management and SLA management have been integrated.

Monitoring Network and Websites: Integrated bandwidth monitoring, dashboards, internet usage monitoring, managing the networks resources, running diagnosis and uptime monitoring holds the overall network. Event logs, performance metrics, transaction monitoring, mail server monitor, FTP and real-time monitoring along with uptime reporting and availability testing contain the website monitoring process.


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Site24x7 Artificial Intelligence Software Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Easily Accessible”

The product Site24x7 is accessible for even the amateur users for monitoring almost any kind of environment and also comes in affordable pricing. Quite supportive as a solution.
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Buyer, Technology Consultant

Apr 25, 2020

“A Comprehensive Monitoring Solution”

It''s an all one-stop for all kinds of monitoring Solution, powerful features and healthy integrations of network management with third-party applications included.
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