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Studio One
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This is a digital audio workstation software used to create, record, mix and master music and other audio files, with video editing capability as well.

It has seamlessly combined the time-tested and proven recording studio model with today’s beat-and-loop-oriented production process.

The tool has an effective single-screen interface that houses all its intuitive editing tools, advanced virtual instruments and an unlimited number of tracks. 

Studio One Pricing:

Pricing is very flexible and the user can opt for the package that suits them best. The pricing is subdivided into the following segments:

  • Studio One 4 Professional is available to users at a price of *₹ 19,162.50
  • Studio One 4 artist is available at *₹4,788.70
  • Studio One 4 Prime is available for free. 

*All prices are inclusive of all applicable taxes. 


Detailed tutorial videos with voice over and instructions are available to users on the Presonus website. The tutorial section which is divided into 20 video episodes covers a complete walkthrough of the software. 



  • Integrated start, song and project page
  • Transition effortlessly between your initial creative inspiration, the master and the final finished production file with the integrated single-screen user interface. 

Ease in arranging

  • Arrange tracks with a single mouse click using the included scratchpads 
  • Convenience of a highly flexible chord track implementation feature

Harmonic editing

  • Create, audition, and change chord progressions, attempt different chord substitutions, substitute rich chords for simple ones
  • Works with instruments and even draft audio tracks. 

Cross the analog/digital divide 

  • Revamped hardware audio device controller for software control of your PreSonus interface.
  • Combine software gain and polarity control of every input 

Midi and beyond

  • Control and work with all the standard MIDI devices
  • Smoother controller changes and pitch bends more detailed automation and removes the zipper noise from instruments


  • +6
    Customer Service
  • +8
    Multimedia Projects
  • +5
    Music Tracks
  • +10
    Input monitoring
  • +8
    Monthly Subsciption
  • +8
    Swappable patches
  • +5
    Wav, mp3 audio files
  • +10
    Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
  • +12
    Windows Installation
  • +14
  • +5
    System Integration
  • +9
    Audio Modifications
  • +7
    Files for portable devices
  • +6
    Radio Broadcasts
  • +9
    Annual Subscription
  • +11
    Audio interface
  • +9
    Auto-duck music
  • +14
    Batch Processing
  • +7
  • +13
    Live Audio Recording
  • -13
    Mac Installation
  • -11
    Mobile App
  • -6
    Multi-track recording
  • -10
    One-Time Purchase
  • -14
    Prerecorded Files Upload
  • -13
    Spectral Analysis
  • -7
    Virtual mixing device
  • -12
    Visual keyboard

Studio One Reviews


Buyer, Education, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“The Unique Scratchpad”

No other DAW provides a testing scratchpad that allows users to test their tracks in real-time, irrespective of what stage of production they may be at, making Studio One a very unique platform for audio production.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“User Friendliness”

Pairing [ATOM] with a Digital Audio Workstation as deeply featured and user friendly as Studio One Professional 4.5 creates a creative environment as formidable and affordable as there.
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