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Sound Forge
Tokyo, Japan
$50BN to $100BN
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It is an audio editing software that provides users with studio quality editing features while allowing customization allowing users to add a unique flair to each creation. It’s extensive range of features and tools helps the editor to make their own decisions while producing the music. It allows the editor to record, edit, and master the composition at the highest level. The users can extensively apply effects to the recordings and get a fully customizable interference.

Sound Forge Pricing

Based on the requirements, the Sound Forge pricing varies from ₹24,999 per user to ₹34,999 per user, per year. Here are the pricing segments.

  1. Sound Forge Pro - ₹24,999/user/year
  2. Pro Suite - ₹34,999/user/year
  3. Pro 365 - ₹1599/user/month
  4. Pro Suite - ₹2399/user/month

Sound Forge Demo

The demo is available only for Sound forge pro and the pro suite, but not for the other two versions. Download the trail, check for the features and compatibility with the requirements. Video tutorials can be found on other platforms also.

Sound Forge Features

  • Direct Stream Digital
    • Users can export and import the DSD audio files.
    • Obtain reliable archiving by mastering the Super Audio CDs with DSD format.
  • One-touch OTR
    • Operate the main program interface and the project area open at the same time.
    • Customized to decrease the time frame and can also work on recordings with ease.  
  • Customizable user interface
    • Users can customize the light environment into four shades white, light, medium, and dark.
    • Intended for an enjoyable working experience while working with the audio files.
  • Loop Creation
    • Edit the WAV file properties by creating loops for ACID.
    • Users can modify the information in ACID anytime, and it is embedded in the file.
  • Windows Context Menu
    • Convert and normalize the audio files without opening the tool.
    • Creates a smooth run of assigning tasks and increases the processing speed.


  • +14
  • +6
    Customer Service
  • +9
    Audio Modifications
  • +8
    Multimedia Projects
  • +5
    Music Tracks
  • +6
    Radio Broadcasts
  • +9
    Annual Subscription
  • +11
    Audio interface
  • +9
    Auto-duck music
  • +14
    Batch Processing
  • +7
  • +13
    Live Audio Recording
  • +11
    Mobile App
  • +8
    Monthly Subsciption
  • +6
    Multi-track recording
  • +14
    Prerecorded Files Upload
  • +8
    Swappable patches
  • +12
    Visual keyboard
  • +5
    Wav, mp3 audio files
  • +10
    Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
  • -5
    System Integration
  • -7
    Files for portable devices
  • -10
    Input monitoring
  • -13
    Mac Installation
  • -10
    One-Time Purchase
  • -13
    Spectral Analysis
  • -7
    Virtual mixing device

Sound Forge Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Visualizing tools”

Based on the audio files, the music, vocals, and noise are graphically represented. It makes music composition more interesting. It’s user-friendly software.
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Buyer, Media & Entertainment, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Sound editing tools”

Apart from processing and editing the audio files, there is another advantage of designing the sound. With the help of precise editing tools, sound composing can be accomplished.
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