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Sherlock Big Data Software by Fischer Information Technology is capable to grapple the vast proportion of data, Sherlock's Innovation accelerator platform procures the clients with quick access to on-demand, elastic, secure, big data platforms, and a lot more. The various tools can be potentially useful for positioning, measurement, analysis, calibration, color, and identifying the reader's identification.

Sherlock Pricing

The Sherlock pricing is $510.00/year. However, to obtain the current pricing, the ANSYS needs to be contacted to provide the client with a personalized custom quote. They have a good reputation for providing the clients with attractive 'Sherlock pricing.' You can choose according to their packages, by keeping the size of your enterprise in your mind.


Sherlock Demo

Sherlock Big Data Software provides its clients with a free trial to use and test the software to check their compatibility. An online form needs to be filled and submitted at the official website for so. The demo service helps the users to understand the pricing and helps them to decide if it is a value for money deal or not.


  • Time-efficient-
  • It reduces a lot of time and effort for the user.
  • It can be deployed in a few minutes with an ‘automation feature’ to serve various objectives of the user.


  • Leveraging-
  • Leveraging cloud computing capability makes scaling up and down possible
  • The user apps and libraries can be indulged in leveraging an extensive open source & cloud marketplace


  • Apache Spark-
  • A cooperative analytics engine makes big data processing an easy and smooth task.
  • Built-in modules for machine learning, graph processing, streaming, and SQL


  • Shape extraction feature-
  • A combination of multi-directional lightening and mature software algorithms to eliminate undesirable background effects
  • Inspection of output image using standard Sherlock vision tools


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Sherlock Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 08, 2020

“Of a great use”

Sherlock, as a refined machine vision software interface, helps to apply it to many automated inspection applications.
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Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

May 08, 2020

“Enormously flexible”

The amazing suite of proven tools and capabilities that Sherlock provides guarantees with the utmost flexibility while working. Sherlock pricing is justified!
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