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MemSQL Big Data Software
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MemSQL Big Data Software USP

It is possible to set up and configure MemSQL with built-in monitoring. You can deploy it on almost any kind of computing device with a strong internet connection. MemSQL Studio is designed for modern-day managers. You can perform administrative tasks and respond to queries efficiently.

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MemSQL is an operational database based on the cloud. It is designed for analyzing data flowing with the highest possible speed and at the highest scale. You can call it the ‘No-limit database’. This distributed SQL database can run almost anywhere. So, it becomes easier for businesses to handle the transactional and analytical workload.

MemSQL Pricing

MemSQL Pricing is designed as a package exactly as per the requirements of your particular business. You can get in touch with the experts to get a no-obligation quote for this big-data-analysis software to be deployed for your systems and architecture.

MemSQL Demo

You can always seek a free demo of MemSQL through the official website. The free demo for a limited period allows you to understand the usage of this SQL database to analyze storage and streaming data in your particular environment. Then you can opt for MemSQL Pricing.


  • MemSQL runs almost anywhere-
  • MemSQL enables you to analyze a huge amount of data in various forms.
  • It can simultaneously ingest millions of events while analyzing billions of rows of data streaming in various forms including geospatial, JSON, and relational SQL.


  • MemSQL offers faster and simpler data ingestion-
  • You can attain exceptionally well data ingestion performance handling the streaming, storage and database input.
  • It creates pipelines for Data Lakes ingesting data from HDFS and analyzing it using ANSI SQL.


  • MemSQL uses familiar ANSI SQL for fastest query response-
  • You can achieve the fastest response to queries both in case of live and historical data.
  • MemSQL Pricing would be quite reasonable for the features you get. It is compatible with various data forms and delivers the highest performance.


  • It balances data across a cluster of cloud instances for maximized performance-
  • MemSQL brings ease in analyzing a huge amount of data across various storage devices of massive capacities.
  • It analyzes data on distributed storage, low-cost disk, on-disk tables, in-memory tables, compressed tables, and much more.


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MemSQL Big Data Software
78 Buyers Negotiating
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    Social Media Analytics
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    Multi-Source Analysis
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    Spark Integration
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    Data Mining
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    Data Warehousing
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    No-Code Sandbox
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    System Integration
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    Statistical Analysis
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    Text Analytics

MemSQL Big Data Software Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 08, 2020

“Great experience”

MemSQL worked successfully for us.
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James Smith

May 08, 2020

“It enhances possibilities”

MemSQL offers tremendous possibilities to manage and scale data in a phenomenal manner.
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Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 08, 2020

“Multi-dimensional approach for great performance”

MemSQL is the database that considers design, architecture, technology and MemSQL cost to deliver maximum performance.
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