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The major share of users include startups and industry-leading organizations as it is most competent in running complex queries and indexes with scalability and flexibility. Benchmarked as the fastest database of the world, MongoDB is a distributed NoSQL database. The escape from the ‘traditional row-column model’ is one of the most attractive USPs that MongoDB provides for extraction of data.

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This is a cross-platform database program developed by MongoDB Inc. Built for the modern applications and the cloud era, MongoDB, is a general-purpose, document-based, allotted database which stores databases in JSON-like documents. It lets the user escape the traditional row-column model for processing data, making it more explicit and significant than the rest.

MongoDB Pricing:

The MongoDB pricing is conditional on the snapshot frequency, usually ranging from $1.50 to $2.50 per GB/month. The client may refer to MongoDB Pricing to estimate the Pricing as per their specific requirements. There is a reduction of 14% in the MongoDB pricing clusters deployed at AWS Mumbai.

MongoDB Big Data Software Demo:

By signing up for a MongoDB account, a free 30-day trial can be availed. The MongoDB big data software demo of 30 days helps the customers to get the idea of the MongoDB pricing and its utility. You have to fill a form provided by the site and avail the demo henceforth. But a limited amount of features would be provided to you.

MongoDB Big Data Software Features:

Built to analyse and extract data from complex and huge databases, MongoDB has various features. The following accentuates the significance of the software:

  • Rich JSON documents-
  • It Favors arrays and nested articles as values
  • Entitles for engaged and flexible schemas


  • Powerful query language-
  • It is completely independent of how nested it is; the query language allows filtering and sorting by any means
  • No need for concatenation of strings to dynamically generate SQL queries.


  • Back up and Monitoring-
  • Customizable schedules and retention policy for restoring data
  • 80+ metrics to monitor and track the cluster's health; third-party monitoring also compatible


  • Additional peculiarities-
  • A powerful relational database is provided to the users
  • A full ACID transaction facility can be availed.



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Buyer, Software, SME

May 08, 2020

“Usefulness is up to the mark”

It is very helpful for the java microservice projects, which adds dependencies via while creating an embedded database. This is the reason why MongoDB pricing is justified.
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James Smith

May 08, 2020

“Robust for scaling”

We are making much better use of the MongoDB ecosystem with a compass, charts, stronger cluster configuration, etc. since MongoDB bought MLabs.
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83 buyers negotiating “Group Buying Deal” for MongoDB
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