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Andromeda is among the trending solutions in the market designed by Quintessence. This software for investigation management helps the user companies in speeding up the investigations as well as discovering the hidden connections too. The solution helps with discovering hidden links among the addresses, businesses, and people with the help of a graph. 

Andromeda Pricing:

Talking about the pricing, the company has not provided any kind of pricing information in the public. For the Andromeda pricing, the customers need to get in touch with the company directly by registering and obtaining the current price of the packages through their official website. 

Andromeda Big Data Software Demo:

Andromeda provides a demo facility for which they need to contact the website too. Registering with the company and giving particular details like a number of people working, etc. one can easily get a free and informative Andromeda demo without any obligation.

Andromeda Big Data Software Features:

Here are the advanced and attractive features that make the Andromeda big data software quite appealing. 

  • Line planning 
  • The software helps the users with compressed purchase leads which helps in positioning the various raw materials for production cycles. 
  • The line planning helps in working over a perfect strategy that helps with detailed planning. 
  • Digital Asset Management
  • The software helps users with a digital platform for asset management for working on various aspects.
  • This solution helps in improving the fulfilment order rates which helps in balancing the product demand and production capacity. 
  • Workflow calendars 
  • The platform helps with a strategically designed process that helps in managing the workflow calendars efficiently. 
  • Through closeouts and shrink markdowns, the postponement techniques help with adjusting WIP inventories. 
  • Custom reporting 
  • The software helps with unanticipated expenses regarding air freight which ensures accuracy in custom reporting and on-time deliveries. 
  • The chances of products getting defected are reduced to a great extent. 


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Andromeda Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 08, 2020

“For a simple understanding of projects”

Andromeda pricing helps users with easy and simple understanding facilities for the projects that are based on layouts and parametric.
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Asset Management Manager, Energy Utility

May 08, 2020

“Effective results”

Through Andromeda, it becomes easy for the users to understand the problems of the company, analyze them, and look for an effective solution for the same through the data or information required for the business.
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Andromeda Presence in Big Data Software
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