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BIM store BIM objects is a cloud-based tool that is specially designed to create and distribute some of the best quality BIM contents to users in all formats such as Autodesk, Revit, Archicad, IFC, and Bentley. Prioritizing the standards the software makes it simpler for the user to search, find, and download the contents. BIM store BIM objects offer a collaborative platform for users such as builders to find the best products and contents. 

BIMstore has the ability to create and distribute the finest type of data in all formats. It comes with an advanced secured interface and dashboard including lead data with search engine and export to CSV. You can integrate your BIMstore products into your own platform using V2 API and developer tools.

BIM Store Pricing

The BIM store pricing is in line with leading competitors in the BIM Objects market. Its plans come in three different packages. BIMStore pricing starts from $323 per month. The software's pricing for the professional package starts from $374 per month and the software's pricing for the enterprise package starts at a range of $498 per month.

BIM Store Demo

The software comes with a free trial package plan for all its users who want to experience the capability of the software. However, you need to visit the Vendor's official website and sign in to acquire a free trial version. Users can get experience in how the software works so that they can go ahead and check with more advanced features.


Your Own page - Create your own branded company page with your contact information and product listings. Get insights of the products, view and download them everything is quicker and easier with this software.

Support and security - The packages and subscription for this software comes with 24/7 Tech support to solve all your queries. Advanced secured interface and dashboard including lead data with search engine and export to CSV. 

Products - Add your products into your own website with a single code with customization options. The products are automatically converted and made available for the users in multiple formats.

File view and management - Interactive 3D view of your objects with options for viewing, zoom, rotating and interaction. Integrate your BIM store products into your own platform using V2 API and developer tools.


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BIM Store Reviews


James Smith

May 09, 2020


BIMStore products are free for all users. The objects and data can be viewed by all or privately, the SPI and WEB services ensure that the contents can be easily viewed on the software
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Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 09, 2020


BIMStore aims to support the community by providing quality content products and helps to share ideas with others and building a better platform
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