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BIMsmith USP

One of the best software out there for architects and builders to create and configure projects and help them to download and share it on the cloud quickly without any hurdles. View thousands of branded products and choose them according to your suitability. Download the files in multi-format such as pdf and share seamlessly with the team.

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BIMsmith BIM Objects is a 100% free cloud platform built for architecture and builders for researching, selecting, configuring custom build projects data for Revit and beyond. The research tool helps to discover and compare thousands of products for Revit, AutoCAD, SketchUp and provide them with an option to download them. The BIM ecosystem is built with a network especially for manufacturers to gather data and make it a time-saving process

BIMsmith Pricing:

BIMsmith pricing is not available on the website. To know more about the software, sign in to the website and you are ready to go. BIMsmith pricing tool includes free download and library with an option to collaborate. The support team contacts back with viable quotes according to the features requested.

BIMsmith BIM Objects Demo:

The free trial version of BIMsmith BIM Objects is available on their website. However, you need to fill up a form with all your credentials to use the tool. The trial version offers users to download content with sharing options. BIMsmith is a cloud-based tool and supports multiple platforms like Mac and Windows. 

BIMsmith BIM Objects Features:

Here are some of the amazing features of BIMsmith

  • Guidance
    • BIMsmith BIM Objects allows the user to select and configure products quickly  
    • Through visual engineering, it helps users to see how their product looks and how customers interact with  it
  • Discover 
    • Find thousands of real products quickly on BIMsmith market and apply them to your site 
    • Stay up to date with all the latest trends and popular brands. 
  • Quick build 
    • With BIMsmith quickly build or assemble using product data and export anywhere you want
    • Save all your data directly to the cloud and share with team members or other users. 
  • Easy UI
    • Monitored and designed by experts, BIMsmith uses complex architecture yet provides a simple user interface that runs smoothly
    • Multiple new effects and walls for walls, ceilings, roofs, etc
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BIMsmith Reviews


Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 09, 2020

“Fast and secure”

BIMsmith provides an interactive user interface which is easy to use. All the tools and data are monitored and designed by experts to provide you with quality results
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 09, 2020

“Ease of use”

BIMsmith building products and tools are free to use and can be downloaded easily with descriptions and photos that can help you finish your project without any worries and in less time
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