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Familit USP

Familit BIM Objects USP is that it has a huge capacity and is a content manager. You can utilize its features to access numerous sources and libraries. It allows 3D viewing and designing as well. You can use multiple tools to complete your projects efficiently. With its sharing option, you can add many team members and share your work with others. Request Familit Pricing to get more information.


Familit BIM Objects is a tool that is available for the users to save them from time-consuming searches. It consists of more than 18000 families which are available for free download for personal as well as commercial use. It encourages collaboration with a team with any network. It also supports multiple languages- English, French, and German. Familit BIM Objects runs under the Revit Architecture.

Familit Pricing

Detailed Familit pricing has not been disclosed, but it is in line with leading competitors in the BIM Objects market. Most software companies and vendors require users to contact them with details so they can offer competitive personalized pricing based on exact business needs. For more details on the best Familit pricing plans and offers contact with the vendor directly.

Familit Demo

The website provides no information on the product demo or trial version. However, you do get access to their database of 18000 families. You can also contact them to know more about various pricing models.



Easy to use- Direct download of families is available with only one click of a button. You can input new family types directly on the tool. A Dialog Layout format displays crucial information in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

Multimodal- It provides access to multiple sources and libraries. Using AutoDesk allows users to view, measure and print all the tasks into various formats,

Integration- Team members from within your organization or outside can be managed through this platform. Easy to use drag and drop option as well as the ‘import’ option is also available.

Optimization- The multiple varieties of families pre-stored in the database can be downloaded and used. It can further be optimized. You can also quickly create a new family type.


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  • +8
  • +6
    Mobile App
  • +9
    System Integration
  • +5
    Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
  • +13
    File Import/Export
  • +7
    2D and 3D drawings
  • +6
    Architectural Modeling
  • +8
    Design editing
  • +10
    Dynamic Updation
  • +9
    Grading Tools
  • +12
    Library of Premade Materials
  • +6
    Model Creation
  • +14
    3D Rendering Integration
  • +13
    BIM Integration
  • +10
    Customer Service
  • +7
    Windows Installation
  • +14
  • +5
    Document Storage
  • +12
    Multi User Access
  • +9
    Animation of Sequence Steps
  • -8
    Clash Detection
  • -10
  • -11
    Library of Objects
  • -7
    Reinforcement Tools
  • -11
  • -5

Familit Reviews


James Smith

May 09, 2020

“Very impressive and simple UI”

Their easy-to-use interface has me impressed. I am able to complete all the tasks and manage my team much more efficiently than before I started using this software.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 09, 2020

“Review Title”

Their huge collection of inbuilt 18000 families was simply amazing. I was able to optimize the free downloadables according to my needs. I highly recommend this tool.
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