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Hydra USP

Hydra Call Center Software comes with Natural language recognition that is one of the key differentiating factors. Flexibility in location to access anything is another key USP of Hydra. It enables to access information from any device, be it your tablet, PC, laptop, or your mobile. It also gives the option to do call recording, call monitoring, advanced voice control, automatic speech recognition.

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Hydra Call Center Software; an ACD solution by Dialoga Group is based on WebRTC technology that allows users to distribute the calls and for the supervision of agents exactly how it is done in a traditional call center. The sole difference being of physical infrastructure, which is absent in this solution, making it easier to access through any device from any location in the world. In this review, we will discuss every aspect of Hydra from features to its compatibility and usability.  

Hydra Pricing

Hydra pricing can be considered as quite low compared to the overall benefits it gives. The basic module Hydra pricing starts from $45 for a month and goes on to $150 per month for a single user. 

Hydra Demo

There is a provision for a demo or a free trial for a week with basic functionalities. Users will have the live chat support online, and technical assistance on call. However, users need to get registered to avail of this free trial. 


Listed below are the prominent features that define the popularity of Hydra Call Center Software around the world:

No physical infrastructure- It is because of this USP that users can access it from their office, home, or from any other place. Users can access information from any device, be it a tablet, PC, laptop, or mobile.

Distinct intelligent routing strategy- Through this technology, users can segregate and distribute calls to agents wherever they are. With the remote platform which Hydra provides, users have the entire repository at their fingertips to do anything.

Applications of Hydra software solution- Users have the option to do call recording, call monitoring, advanced voice control, automatic speech recognition.  Users can use natural language recognition for the owner to gain complete control of the conversations. 

Security is not a problem- Call surveys are done after calls made or received, word and excel reports are generated for transparency. Call recordings are stored in an encrypted storage device, and this data can be retrieved anytime.


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Hydra Reviews


Buyer, Director, Analytics

Apr 28, 2020

“Ease of accessibility”

With no physical infrastructure needed, this software and the information is accessible from anywhere in the world.
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Buyer, Education, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“Better monitoring, control & supervision”

It has a lot of features for its users from call recording to its secured storage.
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