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Call Center Dialer
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Call Center Dialer USP

Call Center Dialer software comes with automated dialing, which saves time and energy while increasing productivity levels and efficiency of the call centers. The software consists of even more facilities including IVM, CTI, ACD, which is a telephony system that helps in routing and rerouting customer calls to the relevant department and others.

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Call Center Dialer is software that call center services use to increase productivity and efficiency levels. Workers at call centers use this service instead of manual dialing to save time and generate more revenue. Call Center Dialer comes with several other features, including call monitoring and reports, to help call centers to analyze and ultimately improve their overall performance.

The software also provides users with metrics, insights, analytics to help them improve their overall performance. These reports make use of visual representations as well to identify the gaps in performance. It allows for constant monitoring of calls and agents as well.

Call Center Dialer Pricing

The exact Call Center Dialer Pricing is not defined. The company has not disclosed any information regarding its specific pricing policy. To gain detailed information about the Call Center Dialer Pricing, users need to contact the vendor directly. They will provide detailed pricing as per the individual’s requirement.

Call Center Dialer Demo

Call Center Dialer does provide a demo version, and it comes with a free version for all users and centers. Users can use this free version by signing up and understand product working post which they can contact vendor for advanced features.


Some of these significant and beneficial features are listed below. 

Automated Dialling- Removes unnecessary effort required in manually dialing numbers to save time. Allows customers to connect to either an IVR or Interactive Voice Response or a real-time call center agent. Increases agent talk time per day thereby levels of productivity.

Computer Telephony Integration or CTI- Allows connecting easily with Help Desk Applications and CRM or Customer Relations Management Integrations. It provides various flexible options for CRM integrations. 

Voice Logger and Call Monitoring- Records all conversations between customers and agents to check quality and performance. Assesses the call quality thereby allowing to improve it.

Wall Board and Reports- Provides reports on call, agent, and customer summaries. Analyses productivity levels of agents and provides metrics to improve customer care. Utilizes visual representation to assess what lacks in performance.


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Call Center Dialer
66 Buyers Negotiating
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Call Center Dialer Reviews


Buyer, Healthcare, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“User-Friendly and Helpful”

Call Center Dialer is incredibly easy to use. It is time-efficient and has great voice quality. All the features available are much helpful too!
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Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“Affordable and Customizable”

Call Center Dialer is quite cost-effective and flexible with CRM integrations.
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