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Automatic Call Distributor
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Automatic Call Distributor USP

ACD application increases the satisfaction of user experience, along with enhanced skill-based and time-based call routing, allowing for call whispering and call monitoring. The application has an easy setup and is easy to use as well. Access to saved recordings is simple, and the audio has a high quality. 

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Automatic Call Distributor is a telephony system which routes incoming customer calls to the most appropriate agent, concerning the customer's issues at hand. The purpose of this application is to create a bridge between the customer's needs and the business. The algorithm for an ACD system depends on various factors including current traffic volume, the time of the call, and others. The aim is to connect the customers with specialists that can efficiently solve their problems. 

Automatic Call Distributor Pricing

Automatic Call Distributor Pricing is different for each available plan. There are three available plans: Essentials, Professional, and Custom. The Automatic Call Distributor Pricing falls in the range of $30 to $50 for Essentials and Professional, per user per month, with a minimum of three agents allowed. The Custom plan is, as the name tells, customizable according to the needs of the business.

Automatic Call Distributor Demo

Vendor does provide a trial version for the software which is free for all users. This can be used by users to understand features better and to take the decision of opting paid plan.


The features are listed below - 

Call Queuing and Queue Callback- Allows to put customers on hold in the queue and wait for the agents. Permits customers to discontinue the call while waiting and agents to call back later.

Parallel Calls and Pause-Resume Recording- Allows agents to attend multiple calls at once with ease. Attend unlimited simultaneous calls. 

Skill-Based and Time-Based Routing- Routes customer calls based on shared skills. Routes customer calls according to fixed working hours of the specialists.

Call Monitoring and Analytics- Organises reports and metrics in a single place. Analyses call quality and agent performance to assess performance and thereby enhance it.

ACD Integrations- Allows easy integration of CRM and HelpDesk Tools. Connects with other business tools as well.


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Automatic Call Distributor
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Automatic Call Distributor Reviews


Buyer, Technology Consultant

Apr 28, 2020

“User-Friendly and Practical”

Automatic Call Distributor is extremely convenient and increases efficiency by a high percentage. The real-time analytics help in increasing the quality of calls and performance of agents as well.
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Buyer, Telecom Infrastructure, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“Essential Features”

Automatic Call Distributor Pricing is a bargain considering the ample amount of features the application provides. CRM and CTI Integrations, HelpDesk Tools - ACD software is extremely profitable for a user.
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