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PlayVox USP

PlayVox Call Center Software integrates easily with various CRM and service software. It improves quality assurance and productivity with the help of various in-built collaboration tools. It provides real-time feedback and controls customer service quality.

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PlayVox Call Center Software is an end-to-end agent optimization suite that helps businesses of any size in maintaining quality assurance and provides advanced performance management tools. It is a powerful automation tool that provides a centralized solution and can also be used as a coaching, learning, and agent motivation software. It integrates easily with the existing systems and environments and helps save money.

PlayVox Pricing

PlayVox pricing is based on the number of users using the software and the size of the company. PlayVox offers starter, professional, and suite packs catering to different needs and requirements. PlayVox pricing starts at $15 per user/license per month on an annual contract basis for the starter pack, $30 per user/license per month on an annual contract basis for the professional pack and $40 per user/license per month on an annual contract basis for the suite pack. 

PlayVox Demo

PlayVox Call Center Software offers a demo and free trial of the software for free to all the users. Any user can schedule the demo as per convenience or download a 90 days free trial. However, for using a full feature sets, different PlayVox pricing plans need to be explored. 


Controls customer service quality- PlayVox can be easily integrated with most CRM and service software. It provides real-time feedback through a centralized place. It can also be used as standalone software.

Excellent collaboration tool- It helps to recognize, incentivize, and motivate members through the automation of the QA process. Helps in the evaluation process with built-in collaboration tools. Allows team members to work on the QA process efficiently and monitor changes.

Personalized coaching sessions- Creates coaching sessions based on the performance results. Training sessions can be personalized as per the requirement. Creates interactive coaching cards with goals and achievements.

Intelligent motivation tool- Allows creating a customized online store for the team members with rewards and gifts that can be redeemed with results. Rewards with karma points that can be redeemed. It provides badges based on individual results and performance.


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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“Simple, quick and easy”

Uncomplicated interface makes it easy to get started with.
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James Smith

Apr 28, 2020

“A unified quality assurance platform”

It can be used as standalone software and can also be integrated with other service software.
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