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Analytics Suite
Bordeaux, France
Below $10 MN
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Analytics Suite USP

AT Internet registers its presence in the clickstream market with its analytics suite that provides users with a unified, real-time view of visitor’s activities on their website, mobile sites, and mobile app. Request Analytics Suite Pricing to get more information.


At Internet Clickstream Analytics caters to different user categories from marketing manager to data analyst and features dashboards, reporting, data mining, and big data export. The analytics suite provides users with easy to use interfaces, dashboards, reporting, and management tools. It includes an advanced customization option, which enables users to customize dimensions, metrics, analyses, and reports according to the performance indicators needed to be analysed. The analytics suite is complimented by the customized support provided by the company’s consultant teams which enable individualized client relationship focused on customer’s specific requirements.


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Analytics Suite
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  • +8
    Self-service Capabilities
  • +9
    Products / Solutions Offered
  • +7
    Basket analysis
  • +12
    Click path optimization
  • +13
    Customer Analysis
  • +8
    Others - solution/product
  • +5
    Personalized Marketing
  • +6
    Traffic Analysis
  • +14
    Website/Application Optimization
  • +6
    Customer Redressal Mechanism/Program
  • +5
    Level of Support
  • +7
    Data Discovery
  • +9
    Data Integration
  • +10
    Data Quality
  • +11
    Data Security
  • +8
    Data Transformation
  • +6
    Data Visualization
  • +7
    Other Features/Functions
  • +10
    Delivery - Direct
  • +9
    On-Site Support
  • -12
    Customer Support
  • -13
    Sales Support
  • -11
    Technical Support
  • -10
    Application Developers
  • -11
    Business Analysts
  • -12
  • -9
    Data Scientists
  • -8
    Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings
  • -6
    Product Variants
  • -9
    Product Features and Functionality
  • -13
    Data Governance
  • -14
    Data Lineage
  • -5
    Data Orchestration
  • -12
    Metadata Management
  • -14
    Deployment & Integration Services
  • -12
    Managed Services
  • -5
    Other Services
  • -7
    Full Time Equivalent
  • -14
    Other Support Services
  • -13
    Other End-User catered
Analytics Suite Presence in Clickstream Analytics Software
AT Internet is a prominent player in the web analytics market. It has offices in Bordeaux, Paris, London, New York, Munich, Hamburg, Moscow, Singapore, and Sao Paulo and further has a global presence across 32 countries via clients, subsidiaries, and partners. The company has made several efforts to boost its product portfolio and increase its customer base including new product launches, product developments, and partnerships. The company in December 2016, launched several major innovations in advanced analytics for websites and mobile applications. This bolstered the company’s position as one of industry’s chief players in multi-device analytics. AT Internet has secured about USD 4.49 million in several funding rounds in 2016, reflecting the strong and progressive product portfolio of the company. The company plans to invest this amount in R&D activities focused on mobile and app analytics, to strengthen its technological partnership strategy, and to continue recruiting in 2016. The company has a strong international investment strategy leading to more than half of its sales revenue coming from outside of France.
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