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Jumpshot Clickstream Analytics Reviews & Details

  • San Francisco, California, US
  • 2015
  • Below $10 MN
Company Overview
Jumpshot Clickstream Analytics works step by step firstly, it defines customer segment based on virtually any other behavior or matched CRM segment, then it discovers where each segment spends its time to unlock opportunity, and finally, quantifies segment level behavior to the general population. Jumpshot Clickstream Analytics solutions are majorly used in applications such as competitive intelligence and user analysis.

Jumpshot offers clickstream analytics through various solutions including site analysis, data feeds, search feed, marketplace report, campaign effectiveness, audiences, and audience analytics. Clickstream data provides valuable audience insights, analytics, and audiences to target at new levels of specification.

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  • Data Security
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JUMPSHOT INC Presence in Clickstream Analytics Software
Jumpshot caters to various industry verticals including, E-commerce, retail, travel, consumer packaged goods (CPG), media, Ad tech, personal finance, consulting, and healthcare. E-commerce, travel, and consulting companies are the top 3 industry verticals which have adopted the clickstream analytics at a faster pace. Jumpshot has entered into clickstream data market with the adoption of organic growth strategies. For instance, in 2015, Jumpshot launched a new product namely, Elite. It is used to recover the lost keyword data by search engines and enables secure search. Additionally, it provides search access to marketers for the conversion of data for organic sites and paid search queries for other websites.
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