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Oracle Infinity Clickstream Analytics Reviews


Oracle Infinity Clickstream Analytics is a solution for real-time data processing and inference. The latest release in this category is ‘Adaptive Intelligent Apps’ that enable commerce, marketing, sales, and service professionals to deliver real-time rich experiences across the customer lifecycle. These applications utilize advanced data science and machine learning to learn and adapt in real-time based on the processing of data collected through web and organization’s repository including historical and dynamic customer data such as click-stream and social activity as well as inputs such as weather, lookalike audiences, and IoT data. The applications are able to process a large amount of web-scale data in real-time; anticipate user behavior and deliver actionable individualized results; and able to adapt in real-time according to user interactions. Adaptive Intelligent Apps are powered by data from the Oracle Data Cloud and can be embedded within Oracle CX Cloud Suite applications to support customer experience workflows across commerce, marketing, sales, and service. Further the applications are built for business users eliminating the requirement for data scientists.


Oracle provides ‘Oracle CX Cloud Suite,' a comprehensive set of applications for marketing, sales, commerce, and services on an integrated CX (Customer Experience) platform which collects, analyzes, and shares data in real-time.

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ORACLE CORPORATION Presence in Clickstream Analytics Software
Oracle delivers a broad range of software applications, platforms, and infrastructure technology with an associated professional and managed services to large enterprises and SMEs. The company invests a significant amount of its revenue on R&D and has increased its R&D expenditure in recent 3 consecutive years from 2014 to 2016. The R&D expenditure in 2016 amounted to 16% of the total revenue. In the clickstream analytics market, the company maintains its position by expanding its offerings through organic strategy including new product launches and product developments. Oracle’s on-premises strategy remains strong while the company is expanding its cloud customer experience analytics including web analytics offerings on the cloud. In April 2017, Oracle launched new artificial intelligence-based customer experience apps that enable commerce, marketing, sales, and service professionals to deliver smarter experiences across the customer lifecycle in real-time. Looking at the previous developments, it is observed that company is more inclined towards cloud services and adding on-cloud or hybrid solutions to its existing on-premise solution portfolio in order to cater to the extended customer base. Apart from product development and new launch initiatives to expand its presence in web analytics domain, the company leverage from its acquisitions of ISVs, thus helping in expanding its data analytics offerings in different industry verticals. In this pursuit, the company acquired Infinity big data platform assets from Webtrends in March 2017 and integrated it into its marketing cloud. The addition of Infinity to the Oracle Marketing Cloud will strengthen the industry’s most comprehensive cloud solution to manage marketing programs across all digital channels and the customer lifecycle.


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