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Oracle Cloud Database Backup Service
California, USA
$10BN to $50BN
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Oracle Cloud Database Backup Service USP

Oracle cloud backup Cloud services offer reliable and secure products to the customers to help protect the integrity and security of enterprises. It offers advanced and innovative products by providing off-site storage location in the public cloud. It has pioneered in advancements in cloud backup and recovery that has resulted in better business outcomes. It protects data by replicating data in multiple nodes which protects against hardware failure and corruption.

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Oracle has enhanced product portfolio and new product developments with low cost, reliable and scalable storage solutions for data. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) product, which provides an enterprise-grade, large-scale, object storage solution for files and unstructured data. Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service is used to back up Oracle databases to Oracle Cloud. When the data is required, it can be restored from the Oracle cloud. Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service supports two Oracle Database optimizations:

  • RMAN backup encryption
  • All RMAN backup compression algorithms


Secure, Scalable, Reliable and Simple - Oracle Cloud Database Backup Service provides enterprise-grade data protection and privacy policies to ensure that your data is highly available. It is an easy and convenient option to store backup data in the cloud which can be accessible over the Internet.

Cost effective - Oracle Cloud Database is simple and low cost cloud backup with no additional license cost for availing the services. Oracle offers support for client and Oracle cloud for faster resolution with no more multi-vendor support complexity.

High Security – Oracle Backup data is encrypted with keys kept locally, optionally compressed, securely transmitted to the cloud that provides end-to-end security, reliability and data protection. In Oracle Database Backup Service, data is repeated across multiple storage nodes within the same region. This ensures that data is protected from hardware failures and data corruption.


Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service has not provided pricing information. This is a common practice for software vendors. You need to sign up for an Oracle Cloud account. Contact Oracle Sales to get current pricing for Oracle Database Backup Service.


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Oracle Cloud Database Backup Service
67 Buyers Negotiating
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