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HYTRUST Cloud Encryption Software

Company Overview
HyTrust specializes in providing privileged identity management, software-defined data centers, multi-cloud key management and encryption, access control for VMware NSX, and boundary controls. The company has flourished in the cloud encryption market by providing next-generation data control cloud encryption, key management, and virtualization security. The company aims to safeguard the cloud environment, mitigate the data center failures, and prevent data breaches. Furthermore, HyTrust offers a KeyControl feature that helps users to manage their keys, rekey online and control with fine granularity what gets encrypted and what doesn’t. It also helps users to maintain compliance with the ability to automate rekey and other previously time consuming tasks.

HyTrust progressed in the cloud encryption market by providing encryption technology for public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. HyTrust helps customers in safeguarding their data in the cloud environment with enhanced encryption technologies. The company provides products, such as CloudControl Virtualization Security, DataControl Cloud Encryption, and KeyControl Key Management in the cloud encryption market. HyTrust DataControl provides encryption and key control for cloud and virtualization environment, and supports DAS, NAS, or SAN storage. DataControl is independent of the hypervisor and supports both Windows and Linux virtual (or physical) machines. It provides encryption for data at rest. The capabilities of HyTrust Data Control include strong encryption, simplified key management, hardware-accelerated encryption, and the ability to initially encrypt the existing data (or rekey data) while VMs and applications continue to run. The algorithm used by HyTrust is FIPS-approved AES, which supports 128 and 256 bit keys. Key management is provided via HyTrust KeyControl, a FIPS 140-2 Level 1-validated soft-appliance cluster. HyTrust KeyControl capabilities include a high-availability, security-hardened cluster with a simplified administration GUI, and the ability to talk to hardware HSM devices (including Gemalto’s Luna HSM). KeyControl can also act as a KMIP compliant server. HyTrust KeyControl supports hyperconvergence platforms, such as Cisco UCS/HyperFlex, NetApp FlexPod, Nutanix, SimpliVity/HPE, and Pivot3; cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and VMware vCloud Air; and virtual environment such as vSphere 6.5. The company is highly renowned for its encryption support for the AWS platform.

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