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Thales Group specializes in aerospace, defense, security, space, transportation, and cybersecurity. Thales e-Security, a subsidiary of Thales Group, specializes in data encryption, tokenization, data masking, HSM management, key management, and digital signature. The company serves various verticals, such as business services, CSPs, SaaS providers, connected vehicle security, education, financial services, government, healthcare, high-tech manufacturing, insurance providers, IoT, security managed services, media and entertainment, outsourcing, retail, and pharmacies. Thales has a large employee base with regional offices set up in more than 56 countries. The company has a large clientele, which comprises both public and private sector clients from across the globe. Some of the major customers of Thales e-Security include Fujitsu, BMC Software, Verifone, and McKesson Corporation.

USP : Thales e-Security specializes as a data encryption company for data centers, clouds, big data, and container environments. Thales e-Security has progressed in the cloud encryption market by delivering best-in-class solutions for cloud data encryption, tokenization and data masking, key management, and digital signing. The company provides Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway, Vormetric Data Security Manager (DSM), and Vormetric Transparent Encryption. Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway encrypts the data before it is transferred to the cloud environment. It also supports virtual machine formats, such as Open Virtualization Format (.ovf) distribution and Amazon Machine Image (AMI). The gateway provides data security blades, which are supported by Amazon S3 and Caringo Object Storage. The data security blades also provide live integration to LDAP and active directory. The Vormetric DSM is one of the key solutions from Thales e-Security for the support of Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway. DSM aids in centralized key and policy management, and is capable of supporting various form factors and FIPS 140-2 levels. DSM helps in the efficient centralized management of keys, generated from Thales e-Security products or from Microsoft SQL Server TDE, Oracle TDE, and IBM Guardium Data Encryption. Thales e-Security also provides Vormetric Transparent Encryption, which offers file and volume level data at rest encryption, access controls, and data access audit logging. The company supports encryption for cloud service models, such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Thales e-Security is proficient in managing encryption keys that help customers in integrated key management and nShield BYOK. Vormetric Key Management as a Service (KMaaS), catered from Thales e-Security, guarantees efficient management of keys with key activity reporting, key lifecycle management, and key secure storage for customers. Vormetric KMaaS is supported by Salesforce SaaS-based platform. The company also offers nShield BYOK, which is essential for nShield HSM, to securely store encryption keys for sensitive cloud data, stored on cloud platforms, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. The company also provides services, such as 24/7 support and maintenance, training, PKI professional services, and custom cryptographic services. Thales PKI consulting services help customers deploy managed PKIs and comply with policies and standards, WebTrust audit requirements, and federal bridge cross-certificate criteria. The types of PKI consulting services catered by Thales e-Security are PKI solution implementation professional services, PKI solution review services, and PKI and cryptographic security training. The company has a broad range of solutions and services portfolio in the cloud encryption market. Therefore, it scores well in the breadth and depth of product offering parameter, due to advanced product features and functionalities. Thales e-Security has various delivery modes and tie-ups with distributors and resellers, who provide the company’s solutions and services to customers across the globe. The company also provides solutions that can be customized according to the customers’ requirements. Thales is highly focused on product innovations and invests significantly in R&D. Recently, it launched a new version of CipherTrust Monitor, which helps the network security team to monitor the HSM of both kind payShield and nShield.


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