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Vaultive has progressed in the cloud encryption market by catering the Vaultive Cloud Security Platform. The Vaultive Cloud Security Platform acts as an inline cloud data security gateway. The multi-mode architecture integrates with APIs, running on the SaaS environment. The platform encrypts the sensitive data at rest and data in transit. The encryption capability, provided by the platform, aids in format preserving encryption. Format preserving encryption can encrypt both structured and unstructured data while preserving the searching and sorting features on the encrypted data. The company has its own patented algorithm and does not rely on AES 256 bit encryption algorithm. The Vaultive Cloud Security Platform helps enterprises in maintaining context-aware policy controls. The platform has an inbuilt application-aware policy engine that efficiently monitors the user activity in the SaaS environment. The company provides cloud application privilege management that has the capability to produce alerts on detecting any suspicious user activity. The cloud application privilege management blocks suspicious user activity behavior patterns. The platform supports encryption with DLP and continuous cloud authentication. The platform also has the capability to integrate with the leading identity access management solutions to prevent unauthorized access to the critical data. The Vaultive Cloud Security Platform helps enterprises comply with their internal cloud security policies and also with the government regulations, such as FFIEC, EU GDPR, ITAR, and PCI-DSS. The platform supports encryption, DLP, and context-aware monitoring on the sensitive data, which can be stored in cloud service models, such as Office 365, Exchange Online, Dynamics 365, ServiceNow, Slack, Oracle Taleo, AWS, and custom web applications. Request VAULTIVE, INC. Pricing to get more information.


Vaultive, specializes in cloud security, cloud data encryption, cloud data security for hosted exchange, and DLP. Vaultive helps enterprises in safeguarding their cloud data by encryption and complying with the government regulations. The company has been receiving funding from investing partners, such as .406 Ventures, New Science Ventures, and Harmony Partners. Vaultive is highly active in delivering cloud encryption products and services to verticals, such as BFSI, government, and healthcare. The company has a high focus on R&D, with R&D offices set up in Tel Aviv, Israel.
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