SERVICEMAX Cloud Field Service Management

  • Pleasanton, California, US
  • 1999
Company Overview
ServiceMax has maintained a competitive position in the cloud FSM market by constantly offering innovative solutions. For instance, in July 2017, ServiceMax announced the launch of new FSM platform capabilities, including condition-based maintenance and ranked appointment booking, to deliver an enhanced customer experience with reduced unplanned downtime and shorter response time. ServiceMax also offers robust cloud FSM services, such as workforce management consulting, assessment, and software services, thereby enabling customers to choose the right solution as per their business requirements.

ServcieMax strongly focuses on adopting organic growth strategies to deliver new and updated features in its cloud FSM solutions. The company mainly focuses on offering cloud FSM solutions that help customers reduce costs, improve customer experience, and influence the technological landscape effectively.

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SERVICEMAX Presence in Cloud Field Service Management
ServiceMax focuses on entering into partnerships with strong and potential market players to deliver efficient and enhanced solutions to customers in the cloud FSM market. For instance, in November 2016, ServiceMax partnered with Paysafe to offer payment solutions integrated with ServiceMax’s cloud FSM platform to help customers complete their transactions securely. ServiceMax has a strong presence in Europe, APAC, and US through its robust partner network and strong channel strategies. The company focuses on maintaining strong and long-term relationships with customers and partner enterprises, such as Coca-Cola, Schneider Electric, ThingLogix, and Qualtech Systems, Inc. In August 2015, ServiceMax expanded its strategic partnership with PTC to integrate its cloud FSM solution with PTC’s robust service information and parts optimization solutions. This partnership is focused on carrying out sales, marketing, and development activities jointly.
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