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SERVICEPOWER Cloud Field Service Management


Boost offers enhanced customer experience and productivity using ServicePower’s schedule optimization offering. ServicePower offers innovative solutions to maintain a competitive position in the cloud FSM market. Moreover, ServicePower has devised the strategy of building strong customer relationships by offering differentiated technology solutions and services. To achieve the same, the company focuses on understanding the fast-changing needs of the customers to deliver innovative strategies and solutions. This strategy enables the company to optimize its cost structure and gain a competitive market advantage. Additionally, ServicePower emphasizes on building strong capabilities around its core business to achieve its strategic goals.


ServicePower has strong expertise in the business consulting domain. The company strongly focuses on offering customers an improved service experience using its cloud FSM solutions and services. For instance, in May 2017, ServicePower announced the launch of Boost on the Salesforce AppExchange to provide mobile field workers on-demand, optimized, and mapped field schedules.

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SERVICEPOWER TECHNOLOGIES Presence in Cloud Field Service Management
ServicePower focuses on adopting inorganic strategies to achieve continuous growth, increase its offerings, and expand the customer base globally. In June 2017, ServicePower entered into a partnership with BC Consulting to meet the global customer demands for cloud FSM solutions. ServicePower has also extended its global footprint in the European market by catering to various verticals. The company focuses on partnering and forming alliances with market leaders to reduce implementation risks, increase customer base, expand global footprint, and add business values. In February 2017, ServicePower was acquired by Diversis Capital. The acquisition would benefit ServicePower with financial support and business expertise, supporting long-term growth not only for ServicePower but also for its partners and customers. The acquisition also increased ServicePower’s customer base and global reach.


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