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ePAC is a user friendly software, with a simple interface and design. It is a CMMS that can handle huge bulk works at a time without any hassle. The product has various interfaces and management features that keeps a detailed track of orders, clients, and deliveries.  The 24x7 responsive helpline is an integral feature of the software. The operations and support team have an organized approach which makes them accessible to address the user’s requirements and queries.

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ePAC is one of the most revered of asset management, work order management, preventive maintenance CMMS  available. It is completely cloud-based and therefore provides portable and removable access to AI users. Besides, ePAC CMMS Software is endowed with bulk work management programs and can manage great amounts and quantities of work at a time without any hassle.

It allows users to handle the maintenance of halls and plants by permitting them to shift seamlessly between the system modules. The support team is responsive and available whenever needed.

ePAC CMMS Software Pricing:

This product comes at a price of $ 99.00 per month. This is a single-user price and does not come with varied packs or tiers. A free version is surely available but certain features are withheld for the paid version. ePAC pricing plan offers its users a free one-month trial with complete accessibility to all of the features. 

ePAC CMMS Software Demo:

The product comes with a complete demo, which can be accessed from the product website. Users who want to take the demo can contact the support providers through the same website. 

ePAC CMMS Software Features:

→Work Order Management  

  • Keeps track of orders and the specific demands of clients. 
  • Ensures proper delivery of orders and demands  

→Preventive Maintenance 

  • Keeps a bird’s eye view of instruments, various types of equipment, and accessories, while keeping a record of their performance 
  • Prevents breakdown of equipment by ensuring preventive measures needs for optimal performance. 

→Asset Management 

  • Manages and maintains assets both tangible and intangible. 
  • Keeps a detailed record of market values and tracks various market risks with regards to the assets. 

→Inventory Management 

  • Maintains, manages, and updates detailed accounts of requisitions, demands, orders, and demand supplies. 
  • Ensures punctuality and hassle-free correspondence and dialogue. 


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    Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
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    Inventory value calculation
  • +11
    Asset Reliability
  • +7
    Location - Asset Tracking
  • +11
    Approval Management
  • +6
    Calibration Management
  • +6
    Work Order Management
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    Customer Service
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    Mobile App
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    System Integration
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    Windows Installation
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    Accounting solution
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    Asset Performance Analysis
  • +9
    CAD & PLM software
  • +8
    ERP Systems
  • +14
    Forecast trends and risks
  • +6
    Spare parts management
  • +5
    Track inventory
  • -10
    Costs - Asset Tracking
  • -9
    History - Asset Tracking
  • -8
    Status - Asset Tracking
  • -13
    Compliance Auditing
  • -10
    Equipment Breakdown Reports
  • -9
    Materials Management
  • -8
    Predictive Maintenance
  • -7
    Preventative Maintenance
  • -5
    Reporting & Dashboards

ePAC Reviews


Buyer, Healthcare, SME

Apr 30, 2020


The ePAC interface is one of the easiest and user friendly of CMMS interfaces. It''s completely uncomplicated design ensures that users of all kinds can get access to it. Its worldwide support team is also very responsive and efficient.
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Buyer, Technology Consultant

Apr 30, 2020


ePAC is a completely cloud-based CMMS which makes it a very portable and moveable management system. The software pricings are also very competitive.
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