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SAFFRON TECHNOLOGY Cognitive Computing Solutions

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Saffron claims that it has developed a cognitive computing platform that can think, sense, and interpret data like a human brain does. The company is serving four major industry verticals, such as manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, and defense, through its cognitive computing platform.Saffron has made collaboration with Mantech International in order to strengthen its position in the financial services market. It is definitely a good move by the company as the financial services market holds immense potential for the cognitive computing market. The cognitive computing market is in the growing state and similar to its competitors, Saffron Technology is also looking to attract the investors.

Saffron Technology has been focusing on continuous advancements in the cognitive commuting technology. The company initially built a platform that interconnects natural intelligence with machine learning; then, the company came with industry's first cognitive computing platform for IoT.The company has maintained a competitive edge over its competitors in the market with continuous advancements in technology and product differentiation.

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