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Company Overview
The company also provides dynamic products that are relevant to client requirements. AQUA is a quality control product, which is used to measure the communication-related performance, and supports the customizable review system. LowCode is a product that operates the emergency communication nurse system and provides a protocol-based response system. The company also provides support products, such as MobileFRG application and quality assurance guide. National Q is a service, offered by the company, to integrate and implement linear quality assurance. Priority Dispatch Corp. has a strong vision and is emphasizing on providing CAD systems by removing the roadblocks faced by modern public safety systems.

Priority Dispatch Corp. provides a variety of products and solutions. It provides its own proprietary solution, known as Total System Solutions, which is a streamlined process that takes up call-taking, project management, training, application of tools, local control and expertise, performance measurement and support.

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PRIORITY DISPATCH CORPORATION Presence in Computer Aided Dispatch Software
Priority Dispatch Corp. is heavily focusing on sales and services to implement and integrate its business in various applications. To ensure the public safety services, provided by the company, meet the compliance standards, Priority Dispatch Corp. has gone forward by providing training and quality assurance services. It has also implemented an in-house R&D team to enhance and launch new products. The company has continuously emphasized on the medical priority dispatch system to reduce costs and user risks. The company is also helping other public safety businesses by providing a reBOOTcamp, an intensive program designed to stress test the dispatching software solutions.
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