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Autodesk CFD
California, USA
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Autodesk CFD USP

Autodesk offerings in the CAM arena are designed to support the various processes of manufacturing including CNC machining, inspection, and modeling. The company's product, and professional-grade tools help customers manufacture complex, innovative products and components with maximum quality, control, and production efficiency. In the CAM market, Autodesk adopted strategies, such as agreements, product upgradations, acquisitions, partnerships, and new product launches to gain a competitive edge in the market. Request Autodesk CFD Pricing to get more information.


The company is one of the global leaders in designing software and services, and offers productive business solutions to customers. It serves customers in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction; product design and manufacturing; and digital media and entertainment industries. Autodesk operates its business under 4 segments, namely, Architecture, Engineering, and Construction; Manufacturing; Platform Solutions and Emerging Business; and Media and Entertainment. In the CAM market, Autodesk offers Autodesk HSM, Fusion 360, PowerMill, and FeatureCAM. The company offers HSM as Inventor HSM and HSMWorks CAM software to global clientele. The manufacturing industry widely adopts HSM as it offers numerous features including adaptive clearing, CAD/CAM integration, 2.5- axis machining, 3-axis milling and 3+2 positioning, multiaxial operations, analysis tools, and probing. Fusion 360 is a combination of CAD/CAM/CAE delivered over cloud platform to the customers in a single package. The solution is designed to support the entire manufacturing process. PowerMill is a high speed and multi-axis CAM software helping customers to manufacture molds, dies, and highly complex component with maximum efficiency. This solution is specialized to provide strategies for 3-and 5- axis subtractive and additive manufacturing. FeatureCAM is an automated software, designed to automate workflow for fastening the manufacturing of parts.


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“I am looking for a Computer Aided Manufacturing Software in north America. My budget is $50,000. Looking to buy in 15 days.”
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Autodesk CFD
76 Buyers Negotiating
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