Motorola Critical Infrastructure Protection Solutions Reviews

Illinois, USA
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Motorola Solutions specializes in radio-based communication systems and software required for base stations, consoles, and repeaters. Devices catered by Motorola Solutions include body cameras, 2- way radios, LTE devices, and pager systems. The company also deals with systems essential for SCADA security. It also provides services, such as infrastructure, device management, cybersecurity, and training and education. Request MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS INC Pricing to get more information.


The company has received many contracts from government agencies, state and local public safety agencies, commercial customers, and industrial customers. As per these contracts, Motorola Solutions delivers customized products, services, and functionalities. The delivery model of the company aims at best suiting the customers’ requirements. The company has deployed more than 12,500 systems in over 180 countries, till date. The company is highly focused on product innovations and invests more than 9% of its revenue in R&D activities, which is essential for new product developments. The company has deployed products and services for many confidential and high-budgeted contracts for commercial clients and governments. This has helped the company build a brand name and provide the best value for its customers.

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +12 Managed Services
  • +11 Professional Services
  • +14 Consulting Services
  • +5 Maintenance And Support
  • +7 On-Site Support
  • +8 Remote Support
  • +13 Risk Management Services
  • +12 Directly
  • +6 Video Surveillance
  • +7 Enterprise
  • +6 Industrial/Plant
  • +8 Public Space
  • +13 Through Partners / Third-Party Vendors
  • +7 Physical Security
  • +12 Scada Security
  • +11 Secure Communication
  • +7 Level of Support
  • +9 Biometrics
  • +10 Id Management System
  • +8 Access Control
  • -7 Physical Security Information Management And Physical Iam
  • -5 Screening And Scanning
  • -13 Building Management Systems
  • -9 Chemical, Biological, Radiological And Nuclear Defense
  • -6 Network Security
  • -8 Radars
  • -10 Vehicle Identification Management
  • -14 Others
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MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS INC presence in Critical Infrastructure Protection Solutions

Motorola Solutions generates revenue by offering communication infrastructure, devices, accessories, and services. The company also excels in the communications segment and offers communication solutions to governments, SMEs, and large enterprises across the globe. The company receives a major chunk of its revenue from the APAC (majorly China) and EMEA. It has a global reach with offices set up in North America, Europe, APAC, and MEA. The company has a large in-house sales team and the support from value added resellers, system integrators, and distributors to help it cater its products and services to the customers across the globe. The major customers for the company include the US Federal Government and the Home Offices of the UK, which together contribute more than 15% toward the revenue. The company receives a tough competition from companies, such as Harris, Airbus, Kenwood, and Teltronic. Motorola Solutions also focuses on the inorganic growth strategies, such as partnerships and collaborations. The company recently formed strong partnerships with several players, including Neurala, Inc. and mm-lab GmbH, and delivered enhanced integrated camera soltuions and LTE-based communication systems The company has also adhered to the mergers and acquisitions strategy by acquiring Kodiak Networks and Spillman Technologies.   The strategy of focusing on R&D activities has helped the company offer new products in the market. The company is highly active in its organic growth strategy of new product launches. The company recently launched DIMETRA X Core, which is a communication system, securing communication for public safety, enterprise, and oil and gas fields.

Top Features

  1. Products/Solutions Offered / Physical Security
  2. Products/Solutions Offered / Secure Communication
  3. Products/Solutions Offered / Scada Security
  4. Physical Security Products/Systems / Video Surveillance
  5. Services / Professional Services
  6. Services / Managed Services
  7. Professional Services / Risk Management Services
  8. Professional Services / Consulting Services
  9. Professional Services / Maintenance And Support
  10. Deployment Model / Industrial/Plant
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