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OptaSense specializes as a security company and has progressed in the CIP market by delivering pipeline monitoring, oilfield services, perimeter intrusion detection and security, border and military security, transportation monitoring, and power and utility services. The company has a wide range of pipe sensing systems and solutions, which are based on DAS. Request OPTASENSE Pricing to get more information.


OptaSense also provides the best-in-class services, such as support and maintenance, risk assessment and management, consulting, and installation services. When compared to other leading CIP companies, OptaSense is not very focused on cybersecurity, physical identity management, radars, and access control solutions. The company is less likely to enter into the cybersecurity, radars, and access control business segments, as it provides innovative DAS-based solutions and software. Therefore, despite having average ratings for the breadth and depth of offering parameter, the company scores well in the product feature and functionality parameter, due to superior product features, including real-time sensing and intrusion detection. OptaSense has various delivery modes and tie-ups with distributors and suppliers, who offer the company’s systems and solutions to clients across the globe. This has helped the company receive several government contracts.


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  • +7
    Level of Support
  • +11
    Professional Services
  • +14
    Consulting Services
  • +5
    Maintenance And Support
  • +7
    On-Site Support
  • +8
    Remote Support
  • +13
    Risk Management Services
  • +12
  • +7
    Physical Security Information Management And Physical Iam
  • +5
    Screening And Scanning
  • +6
    Video Surveillance
  • +7
  • +6
  • +8
    Public Space
  • +13
    Through Partners / Third-Party Vendors
  • +9
    Chemical, Biological, Radiological And Nuclear Defense
  • +7
    Physical Security
  • +11
    Secure Communication
  • +10
    Vehicle Identification Management
  • +14
  • -12
    Managed Services
  • -9
  • -10
    Id Management System
  • -8
    Access Control
  • -13
    Building Management Systems
  • -6
    Network Security
  • -8
  • -12
    Scada Security
OPTASENSE Presence in Critical Infrastructure Protection Solutions
OptaSense generates its revenue by providing pipeline monitoring, oilfield services, perimeter intrusion detection and security, border and military security, transportation monitoring, and power and utility services across the globe. The company has a worldwide reach with regional and sales offices set up in North America, Europe, and MEA. It receives more than 50% of its revenue from the North American and European regions. The company has a wide industry reach and caters CIP products and services for various industry verticals, such as pipelines, oil and gas, perimeters, borders, railways, roadways, and power and utilities. OptaSense is active in adopting inorganic growth strategies, such as partnerships, collaborations, and agreements. Some of the company’s partners include the Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences, US, Abu Dhabi’s Gulf Automation Services and Oilfield Supplies (GASOS), Weatherford International PLC, and Siemens AG. The company is not very active in undertaking acquisitions. This may affect its position in the CIP market. Additionally, OptaSense has shown slow organic growth with limited new product launches and product enhancements.
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