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Copper is a CRM software that increases productivity, specially built for the companies that love GSuite integration. This lets users manage leads and close deals right from Gmail. It helps users make smart decisions because, with this CRM software, dashboards, advanced reporting, and customizable pipeline give user real-time analytics and also insights. 

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Copper CRM compared with [175 CRM] Across [111 criteria] Copper automates business processes with workflow automation tools. It makes updation of work behind the scenes and also helps in adding reminders on users’ behalf based on user-defined rules. It takes less time to operate, and all customer interactions are in one place and manage relations with full context.

Copper Pricing:

Copper offers a trial on its CRM product. During the trial period it lets users add unlimited seats and offers a business plan which enables users to take benefit of full services from Copper. The company comes with three types of Copper pricing plans. The company offers Copper pricing plans as below:

Basic Plan: $24/user/month limited upto 3 users. Comes with the trial plan
Professional Plan: $ 69/user/month. It also comes with 14 days of free trial.
Business Plan: $ 119/user/annually. It also comes with a trial plan.

Copper Demo :

The product demo is available on its website through videos and animated transitions. The demo of CRM is divided into various parts depending on who is the end-user of CRM. The demo provides a hint on how to use CRM on mobile. Apart from this, it also provides a free trial of its CRM based on products offered and after which the user can choose the better plan. 

Key Features

Organizes Contacts and all related data

  • Copper organizes all the data like emails, calls, files, notes of a particular contact in one place. It also plays a role in suggesting recent contact added ton list for emailing.
  • This platform also does all the data entry work automatically like pulling contact's email address, phone number and social media details.
  • It enables to save a list of contacts like VIP or any desired list along with it, this CRM can also Send targeted emails by segregating clients with their industry, geography, size of the company.
  • Copper is integrated with G-suite this helps in syncing all the contact details which are saved under it.
Keeps track of new and ongoing deals:
  • Copper eases the process of following up by setting up reminders and creating email templates.
  • It comes with a customizable drag and drop pipeline which can track and sort deals based on their value.
  • Copper also suggests the next steps based on upcoming meetings and schedules.
  • It tracks all the sales goals and forecasts quarterly results.
  • It shows all the details of sales on the dashboard and keeps track of sales opportunities.
  • It has the ability to manage all the opportunities in multiple currencies and shows real-time currency conversion whenever required.
  • It also has favourite feature with which reps. can keep track of important accounts and get notified whenever any changes are made.
Task Automation:
  • It automates logging calls, meetings, tasks, and activities.
  • It also updates contact profiles and changes deal status along with creating personalized email templates.
  • Copper has the ability to send auto reminders for any tasks due or upcoming.
Security and Privacy:
  • It comes with high-end data security for all sizes of businesses. These data policies and procedures are externally validated.
  • Copper also comes with customized access which helps management to save data for restricted teams only and it is viewed only by those teams.


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Apr 04, 2020

“Saves time”

It takes less time or efforts on lead tracking, organizing and managing sales prospects and focuses on converting leads to customers
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Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

Apr 04, 2020

“Ease of Use”

Copper CRM automates business processes with workflow automation tools. It makes updation of work behind the scenes and also helps in adding reminders on users’ behalf based on user defined rules.
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