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Creatio is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that is designed for sales, marketing, and service automation. Creatio helps mid-size and large companies to control the lifecycle of the customer from lead to sales and offers constant customer service. Creatio can be used as an on-site or cloud-based solution in which data is hosted internally on the server of the company.

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Creatio software is designed for sales, marketing, and service automation. It helps mid-size and large companies to control the lifecycle of the customer from lead to sales and offers constant customer service. 

Creatio Pricing:

Creatio pricing is completely based on the features that are selected by users. It offers three integrated products for marketing, sales and service on a single platform. Creatio pricing for the products only which are used by the organizations and which supports business operations.

On Creatio’s website, Creatio pricing calculator is there which helps to analyze the exact price based on the number of users. Creatio comes up with 3 plans namely basic, business and premium.

Sales Creatio is primary Creatio platform that has features like lead follow-up and deal management. It costs $300/user/year.

Marketing Creatio supports email campaigns, forms for events and lead generation. Marketing Creatio pricing starts at $875/user/year for 1000 contacts and 5 emails/month.

Service Creatio is basically a helpdesk software. Service Creatio Pricing is $420/user/year.

Creatio Demo:

Product demo for Creatio software is available on the website. The company comes up with live demo which helps users to analyze the product and its features.

Creatio key features are as below:

Sales Creatio:

  • Sales Creatio has the ability to create a single database for all the accounts and contacts that are been worked on which eventually builds a 360-degree view of all customers.
  • It comes up with the communication panel that makes calls, manages emails, does contacts approval and collaborates the same in an enterprise network.
  • It also provides a customized format for managing leads or categorizing customers.
  • Work is highly automated with this platform. Creatio automatically puts on reminders for follow-up.

Marketing Creatio:

  • Marketing Creatio plays a vital role when it comes to understanding customer preferences. It stores huge information about customers which comprise industry, company size where they work in, geographical location, etc.
  • Creatio platform uses advanced tools like automated updates if email which is sent is not viewed for a certain period of time.
  • The software also helps to manage online forms for events and contact forms.

Service Creatio

  • Service Creatio is helpdesk software platform which can be integrated with sales or marketing creation crm and eventually gives access to all contacts data.
  • This CRM software also helps in monitoring and analyzing turn around time for each query that is raised by customers.


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Buyer, Telecom Infrastructure, SME

Apr 04, 2020

“Data Management is poor”

Changing the data takes considerable time. Some changes do not apply to historical records. Analytics tools require some additional features like calculated variables and exports. Data execution is slow.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 04, 2020

“Better customer support than other CRM”

It''''''''s simple to use and user-friendly. A quick response from the help desk is pretty good and willing to answer all the questions, unlike others.
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