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Deskera CRM
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Deskera CRM USP

Deskera software helps in automation of critical sales processes providing a single view of customers ensuring effective sales management and proper implementation of customer-centric strategies for gaining sales leads. The lead management software tracks and captures all leads from a CSV or XLS file converting leads into opportunities. The software provides a free trial and a quote-based plan for pricing. Deskera pricing also supports business needs of all kinds. Deskera pricing has 4 paid plans.

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Key features include:

After-Sales Support to Customers: The software tracks and solves pending cases by adding priorities to the customer life cycle and assigns process owners with customer cases to track progress in the business further

One Spot Destination for All Products: The system keeps track of all contacts and can get instant information through search features by managing each product and service in one place.

Sales Forecasting and Knowledge Management: It determines the lead conversions and forecasts the expected track revenues by maintaining a central repository for all customers and contacts.

Campaign Management: It allows users to view and manage well defined campaign particulars like the campaign’s goal, status, type, probable responses, campaign expenditure, campaign start date and campaign end date.

Lead Management - It helps businesses in recording and tracing all of the lead details like status, source, type, lead creation date, lead creation time, rating and more. The users can easily check the details related to each lead.

Contact Management – It also allows users to record and trace contact details and communication. Contact details such as the first name, last name, title, email address, phone, mailing address, etc., can be checked and modified.

Sales Forecasting and Reports - The software offers a precise overview of all the sales, marketing and support efforts. The CRM software provides Standard Reports, which allows users to choose the module and simply drag and drop it on the fields required, which will then provide a real-time view, with quick drill-down to the data needed.

Real Time Feedback - The solution provides users with a dashboard that allows them to view how many enterprises they are associated with, the number of people they have in their system currently and the number of deals they have won and lost. It offers detailed graphs that allow users to know the most critical deal they should be working on.

Information on-the-go - Desk Mobile provides users with all the key accounting functions they need to track their financial health easily and precisely at any time.

27/7 Financial Reporting - Every time a user creates a financial document Deskera automatically records it for the books and it’ll be available everywhere.

Deskera Pricing

Deskera pricing suits every type of CRM budget. The plans include:

  • Deskera Pricing for Individual - This plan is perfect for business with small funds like salons and florists. It offers 1 user free for life.
  • Deskera Pricing for Startup - Small organisations starting their business and want to trace and manage finances better. $39 for 3 users/year.
  • Deskera Pricing for Essential - For rising companies and SMBs that need a robust and innovative solution. $1188 for 5 users/year.
  • Professional – Perfect for businesses that are looking for a robust solution with advanced features to meet their business needs. Offers Customized plans.


Deskera allows users to schedule for free demos through its website.


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Deskera CRM
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Deskera CRM Reviews


Buyer, Senior Manager, SME

Apr 04, 2020

“Multi tasking provision”

The provision of multi-activity on one customer enables users to ensure that all issues related to the customer are resolved. It is easy to update software with a portable navigation solution on a PC or tablet
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Buyer, Marketing Manager, SME

Apr 04, 2020

“Technical training is required”

It is very complicated software, high level of technical expertise is required to learn effectively utilize all the features. The software has additional costs in case of utilizing some advanced features making it costly
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