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ForceManager software provides sales teams valuable support to organize and control marketing campaigns for sales purposes. It  also deals with taking prior feedback of online meetings conducted through the mobile app. Sales groups are taught to prioritize and locate the next-best alternatives and look for revenue-generating opportunities in marketing. ForceManager pricing plans vary according to company sizes.

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The ForceManager software is completely result-oriented and efficient. It can be easily accessed with any available CRM or system. It effectively creates reports and updates sales reps about the same. Backend solutions are provided to bring about an increase in sales activities to provide the desired results. Sales insights and data management are controlled through accounting and data entry analysis.

The software contains all the data relevant to contact handy in its dashboard which eventually saves a lot time of the team to search and update it. The software easily and quickly picks up client orders and forecasts further steps. It manages work orders effectively and efficiently.

ForceManager Pricing:

ForeManager pricing is based on organization size whether its small business, mid-size or big enterprise. ForceManager Pricing is packed with loads of features like artificial intelligence, reporting and many more. ForeManager pricing is as below:

Small Business- $ 34/month/user. Up to 4 users.

Business- $ 59/month/user. For more than 5 users.

Enterprise- $ 94/month/user. For more than 20 users.

ForeManager pricing also comes with multiple add-ons which can be used to customize plan as per user’s requirement. ForceManager Pricing for add-ons is as below:

GoalManager- $ 11/user. Creates custom goals and targets for users and teams.

NewsManager-  $ 11/user. Shows data on missed messages.

Sales Campaigns- $ 11/user. Allows to plan team’s sales efforts.

ForceManager Demo:

ForceManager comes with live demo for its CRM product. Link for this demo is directly on company website. Along with live demo ForceManager also provides free trial of its product. This free trial will help users analyse the product performance. Company also provides free version of ForceManager along with 15 days free trial with full features.


ForceManager Mobile CRM-

  • This CRM is completed integrated on smartphones which gives complete access to sales information.
  • It comes with geolocated accounts feature with which outside representatives can manage their accounts at ease and follow up with their prospects from the dashboard or mapping system.
  • With minimal swipes field representatives gets the benefit of recording all their sales calls, visits and other updates. This helps them to manage their work efficiently.
  • ForceManager Mobile CRM also comes with a personal assistant who analyzes data in CRM and sends notifications on potential upsells, cross-sells and clients who are not attended from a certain period of time.
  • ForceManager Mobile app also comes with offline feature wherein representatives can access recorded information and the new data gets updated immediately when internet connectivity is back.
  • It also manages all day's tasks which is accessible from app's dashboard.

ForceManager Web App-

  • This gives access to Artificial Intelligence powered web applications providing better insight into the team.
  • ForceManager Web App comes with centralized management system which enables to classify, manage and organize team’s entire data.
  • It also provides 360 degree view of sales process and forecasts the sales opportunity.
  • ForceManager Web App comes with customized sales report feature along with usual reports which are saved in web app's library.
  • This CRM is adaptable to specific needs of users as well as sales terminology of the team.


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Apr 04, 2020

“Best mobile friendly CRM”

The ForceManager CRM software is a mobile app-based CRM that provides a productivity report analysis of sales visits and sales processes conducted with the help of new business deals and management of phone calls for better networking of sales and maintaining relationship management.
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