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GoldMine CRM USP

Goldmine provides a marketing strategy to attract maximum leads and converts them into customers. It also helps in content development through built-in tutorials and live sessions offered by the software. The software guides customers in building inbound marketing plans to sell more products and services. It is an approach aimed at converting unknown people into paying customers. Goldmine pricing is ideal for all types of CRM requirements.

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Goldmine provides self-training audio-visual sessions for fast access in marketing and customer support services, integrating with real-time dashboards to enhance contact management skills like email linking, etc. for businesses.

Key Features: 

  • Inbound marketing management: The software provides pre-ongoing campaigns designed to meet the goals of the organization after the execution of a one-plan campaign strategy for good sales leads.
  • Search engine optimization: The software analyses the competitors and provides a solution to customer queries through search engine algorithms. This CRM system is affordable for both small and large base industries. 
  • Database creation for new start-ups: Assignment of tasks over monitored dashboards and integration of all activities with popular applications helps new businesses expand and enhance their knowledge-base against the competition in the market.
  • Cost-effective and customizable: It provides an interactive calculator for savings and budget analysis, making it cost-efficient.
  • Contact Management – It allows users to plan calls, meetings, to-dos and tasks. It also helps users in finishing activities and adding notes and reporting codes for tracking purposes. The users can view pending activities and filter by date or activity.
  • Sales and Marketing – It allows businesses to use filtering to make segmented lists - create groups of contacts for easy access. The users can also download Constant Contact campaign stats and separate responses to emails. Moreover, they can also leverage Campaign Manager to import leads files and allocate follow ups.
  • Goldmine Connect
  • The users get real-time web based remote access to their GoldMine contacts from smartphones, tablets, and wireless PCs.
  • It allows users to to create new cases, add and edit opportunity notes and delete entries in F2 lookups with single action. 
  • The updated solution now includes the full security settings of PE
  • Easier Task Allocation - With GoldMine, the users can manage business activities and track who is doing what. It provides:
  • Full calendaring acrossthe entire company.
  • Managers can assign tasks, calls, emails and other activities.
  • Users get full automation and reporting on all the activities.
  • Works in the office as well as on-the-go.
  • Dashboards & Sales Forecasting - GoldMine provides quicker access to critical metrics across all of the user's business units. It also offers fully customizable charts, colors and datasets that will help users manage for success.
  • It provides customizable dashboards across all business units
  • It also offers powerful sales forecasting
  • It allows users to visualize their data for critical insights

Goldmine Pricing

Goldmine pricing comes in two unique variants. 

Goldmine Pricing for Own Your CRM – No subscriptions and no monthly fees. The CRM can be bought with one upfront payment. It provides bundled annual license options that include Single User, 3 User Starter Bundle, 5 User Starter Bundle. Additional seats can be added $695 + $139 support each.

Goldmine Pricing for Cloud Based CRM - $55/monthly per user. Monthly Billing / 3 user minimum with CloudJumper. It also includes:

Add Office Suite
  • Office 365 ProPlus – $12.95 per user/monthly
  • Exchange Online for email - Goldmine pricing starts at $4.95 per user/monthly

Enable MobileAccess with Goldmine Connect - Offers IIS server for web access from PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones

  • Goldmine pricing per company per month of $19.95
  • One time set up fee of $25
Goldmine Demo
Goldmine offers two variants of demos:  
  • A quick demo, for the CRM savvy people or for those who need a high level overview. 
  • A one on one demo, where the users can interact with Goldmine experts and ask personalized questions. 


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GoldMine CRM Reviews


James Smith

Apr 04, 2020

“Provides better training to the new users”

The Goldmine CRM provides self-training audio-visual sessions for fast access in marketing and customer support services having integration with real-time dashboards to improve contact management skills like email linking etc. for businesses.
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