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Less Annoying CRM software is a straightforward software for small businesses built from the ground up. This software manages users' contacts, leads, notes, calendars, to-do’s and more from a single web application. The Less Annoying software is based on three core principles: convenience, affordability, and outstanding customer service. Simplicity ensures that the learning curve is eliminated. In minutes, the user may start using the software and the need for time-consuming, frustrating training is eliminated. Less Annoying CRM pricing supports all kinds of budgets and requirements. 

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Less Annoying CRM software is a simple customer relationship manager built specifically small businesses. It helps users to manage your contacts, leads, notes, calendar, to-do's and more, all from a single web app. Their product is founded on three core principles: Simplicity, Affordability, and Great customer service. All users get an unrestricted free 30-day trial to thoroughly test every feature of the CRM, and customer service is always free by phone and email.

Key Features: 

  • Contact & Account Management: The software stores and retrieves information related to customer contacts and accounts, tracks company-wide communication, and contact account information.
  • Lead Management: Less Annoying also allows users to manage and track leads through a process. The lead process usually involves steps such as lead generation, customer survey, and survey capture, lead filtering, lead grading, lead distribution, and lead qualification.
  • Knowledge Base: Knowledge repository which provides a means for knowledge to be collected, stored, exchanged, searched, and used. It allows clients to get answers to common questions. 
  • Task Management - With Less Annoying, the users can build their calendars and tasks straight into the software so that everything is in a single place. The users can can even set up sharing with other users at the company so that everyone remains on the same page, and they can sync with Google Calendar for easy access from their phone.
  • Collaboration – Less Annoying pricing is so flexible that it allows professionals to add as many users from their company for just $10/user/month. Each user has their own login and password, and the administrator decides who has access to what.
  • Customization - The solution provides users with total control, and they can set it up in minutes. 
  • Device Agnostic Access without syncing or installing - Less Annoying is entirely web-based, which means that the users can access it from any computer, tablet, or smartphone, anywhere across the globe.
  • Easy Importing – With Less Annoying, the users just need to export their contacts from their existing system to a spreadsheet, and upload them to Less Annoying’s servers.
  • Log Email Conversations – Less Annoying’s email logging feature makes it easy for the users to log emails into the software from any email provider.
  • Always Backed Up - The company's servers are hosted on Amazon.com's industry leading infrastructure, and they also maintain two separate types of backups including multiple copies stored offsite in the event of a major disaster.
  • Daily Agenda Emails - Every morning Less Annoying sends an email summarizing all of the tasks and events for the day. 
  • One-click Export - The software makes it easy for the users to access their data. If the users want want an offline copy, they just need to visit Less Annoying's export page and they will provide a spreadsheet with all the contacts, companies, and notes.
  • Calendar - It builds the user's calendar and tasks directly into the CRM so that everything is in a single place. The users can can even set up sharing with other users at the company so that everyone can stay on the same page, and they can also can sync with Google Calendar for easy access from the phone.
  • Free updates - The suers will get future updates for free. And because this CRM is web-based, the company will automatically install the upgrades for the users so tha they can focus on other important things.
  • Security - Less Annoying offerd 256-bit encryption and follows best-practices to ensure the security of the business data.
  • Free phone and email support - Less Annoying is designed to be simple, but sometimes it helps to talk to a real person. The companye offers free email and phone support even during the free trial, and the users can connect with them via phone or email.
The dashboard helps users to view any notes, files, tasks, events and pipeline information related to a contact. The Modules include lead tracking, note taking, calendars and task management.

Less Annoying CRM Pricing

  • Less Annoying CRM pricing is $10 per user per month. The company also offers free trials for 30 days.
  • Less Annoying CRM pricing is flexible if any organization needs to use it for more than 10 users.

Less Annoying Demo

Less Annoying offers Live Demos for all the CRM features that it offers.


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