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The software helps businesses grow at a faster pace by getting more leads and generating more sales. The most unique aspect of the application is that CRM is made in India. It provides a 360-degree view of the business to track important sales and marketing opportunities. It also allows the user to quickly see the next best possible action for the ongoing deals. Zoho pricing plans are available for all company sizes.

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The software has a global network of 1,00,000+ businesses across 100+ countries. It helps users to generate more leads, grow their businesses and engage with customers more efficiently. The software automates intensive and repetitive tasks and allows users to manage activities easily. It enables the streamlining of processes to help identify focus areas for growth.


  • Customer Engagement: Omnichannel support allows user to reach people on the phone, via live chat, email, through social media, and even in person.
  • Automate Routine Tasks: Automate repetitive tasks so that the sales team can spend less time on data entry and more time selling.
  • Customization: Manage multiple business processes with custom layouts, and create truly unique custom modules, buttons, and fields based on business needs.
  • Analytics: Advanced performance management features like reporting, analytics, territory management, sales forecasting, and gamification helps users keep the team's performance at its peak and have the right information and insights to make smarter business decisions.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrate with more than 100 popular business apps and let CRM talk the same business language.
  • Accessibility: The software is available as an app to enable usage through mobiles and tablets on the go. This ensures that users can be connected in real-time from any location.
  • Follow Up: It provides structure to all activities and allows users to follow up on work status and pending tasks easily.
  • Data: The software enables users to import data in the form of spreadsheets. This can be used for various purposes within the organization and also be used for further analytics and decision making.

Zoho Pricing:

If offers dynamic pricing models. It also offers free trials to allow users to know which plan suits their needs. Let’s have a look at the various pricing models:

Starter Zoho Pricing: Priced at INR 500 per user per month. The billing is done annually. The plan includes custom fields (basic), web forms (basic), social CRM, workflows (basic), reports and dashboards (basic), slack integration, roles and profiles, and 10,000 records.

Standard Zoho Pricing: Priced at INR 720 per user per month. The billing is done annually. The plan offers scoring rules, email insights, workflow conversion, tags and groups, web forms, customer and unique fields and custom and report dashboard. The plan also offers all Starter model features.

Professional Zoho  Pricing: Priced at INR 1200 per user per month. The billing is done annually. The plan offers sales signals and real-time notification, process management, email integration IMAP, Web to case forms, Inventory Management, Validation rules, and google add integration. The plan also offers all Standard model features.

Enterprise Zoho CRM Pricing: Priced at INR 2100 per user per month. The billing is done annually. The plan offers Zia Voice, a personalized assistant, Salesinbox, Canvas – visual CRM view, built-in analytics, multi-user portals, custom modules and buttons, mobile SDK and App distribution, territory management. The plan also offers all Professional model features as well. This is also one of the most popular plans bought by users.

Ultimate Zoho Pricing : Priced at INR 6000 per user per month. The billing is done annually. The plan offers advanced customization, automation suggestions, data enrichment, enhanced storage, and email sentiment. The plan also offers all Enterprise model features as well.

Users can cancel or change plans at any time. Users can choose the pricing model that suits their business requirement the most. On subscribing to an annual pricing plan a user can save 20%. Each pricing model is designed to suit various businesses at various stages of growth. 

Zoho Demo:

Demo’s are provided by the company on request through web conferencing. The interested user can connect with the company and request for a demo at a scheduled time as per their convenience and the same will be arranged. The demo is of an hour’s duration.

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +5 Create personalized campaigns
  • +14 Multichannel support
  • +13 Advanced Performance Features
  • +12 Customer Engagement
  • +12 Gather everything with follow-ups
  • +11 Comprehensive Customization
  • +10 On-Premise
  • +6 Consulting
  • +5 Live Support Chat
  • +12 Maintenance & Troubleshoot
  • +13 System Integration
  • +8 CRM Integration
  • +13 Data ImpEx Tools
  • +6 Email Tracking/Automation
  • +12 Mobile User Support
  • +14 Partner Applications
  • +5 Task Management
  • +5 Contact Management
  • +11 Contract Management
  • +7 Forecastig & Tracking
  • -8 Content Management
  • -5 Customizable Reports
  • -13 Customization
  • -9 Interactive Dashboards
  • -10 Output Documentation
  • -9 Performance Management
  • -11 Real-Time Process Monitoring
  • -7 Revenue Analytics
  • -6 ROI Analytics
  • -8 SEO / Keyword Analytics
  • -9 Cloud
  • -11 Hybrid
  • -14 Ticketing
  • -7 Calls and Voice
  • -10 Social Collaboration Features
  • -11 Social Network Integration
  • -11 Call Scripting
  • -13 Knowledge Portal
  • -12 APIs
  • -6 Internationalization
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James Smith / Expert

Apr 24, 2020
Free trial to understand that which plan is suitable for your business requirements.

Zoho CRM Reviews


Buyer, Healthcare, SME

Apr 04, 2020

“Simply the best CRM Product for small business”

Beyond the basics of contact management, workflows and custom fields, Zoho CRM makes it especially easy to find the last communication and pick up right where you left off with any lead, deal, or client. It syncs with other Zoho products, as well as many external systems, making it perfect for a connected workflow.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 04, 2020

“Simply the best and complete CRM software on the market”

What I like about zoho crm is that it is a totally useful tool when we try to grow our business, since it has all kinds of tools that can be useful when working and automating our advertising campaigns, apart from allowing us to have a control Absolute about the majority of activities that our business performs, such as sales management, campaign management, webinar options, without a doubt this adds enormous useful value to any business. Its interface is too simple and little used, there is too much blank and wasted space that makes that the application looks of very poor quality.
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Buyer, Education, SME

Apr 04, 2020

“Sales IQ is great but the CRM is not upto the mark”

We use zoho to house all of our contacts and leads and also to track the stages of where our deals are at. Sales IQ is wonderful for seeing who is on our site and where they are from. A few things frustrate me the most about Zoho. One being the campaign automation and the other is searching for an account, deal, contact or lead. Trying to setup a drip campaign in zoho is terrible.
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Buyer, Healthcare, SME

Apr 03, 2020

“Great product for SMB companies”

Zoho is smooth to use and has a lot of exciting features. Zoho makes remote working easy and helps keep track of work effortlessly.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 03, 2020

“Best CRM to start your business with if it is a startup”

Free and low cost monthly to start with. Really affordable. I used Zoho on and off when I first started my business. Came back to it because it is a low cost and overhead can hurt your startup business.
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Top Features

  1. Platform Features / Performance Management
  2. Marketing Automation / Campaign Management
  3. Mobile & Social / Social Network Integration
  4. Sales Automation / Track Customer Feedback
  5. Support / Consulting
  6. Platform Features / Customization
  7. Support / Live Support Chat
  8. Sales Automation / Contract Management
  9. Sales Automation / Product & Pricing Management
  10. Sales Automation / Forecastig & Tracking
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