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Civis Platform USP

Civis Analytics enables organizations to combine multiple data sources into a single customer graph, which is further enhanced with the company's proprietary data. The company helps businesses in gaining deeper insights about the campaigns or audiences which drive maximum growth, by providing cross channel analysis. Civis pricing plans work well for every analytics budget. The company's Predictive Modeling solutions provide the models and tools required to build and activate segments.

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Civis offers Identity Resolution & Data solution which combines all the individual level data sources within an organization. The Identity Resolution solution leverages ML to deliver precise results and saves time required to resolve customer data. The company has developed its own survey science infrastructure, predictive modeling tools and attribution products that enable businesses to make better informed decisions about their customers. The company's Creative Focus solution facilitates organizations to deliver relevant messages to right customers at the right time. Civis' Audience Center helps organizations to identfy and prioritize their most valuable customers in a single application. Civis pricing is flexible and is suitable for all budgets.

Key Features:

  • Civis Data and the Identity Resolution API – This allows users to import, de-duplicate, combine, and improve their data so it’s complete and ready for analysis.

  • Explore and Collaborate – The users can discover their data using the query tool, build models in Jupyter Notebooks with CivisML, and also team up with other teams using the Github integration.

  • Automate – The user can write code in a script, insert several scripts or jobs into a workflow, and set the workflow to function on a schedule.

  • Extremely Secure – Civis’ architecture, products, and processes are created precisely to defend the user’s data. These controls are authenticated by third parties in agreement with AICPA standards.

  • End-to-End –The platform is organized with a collection of data ingestion and ETL modules and data exploration tools, and the ability to productionize work in reports or completely dynamic applications that can be provided and used by non-technical stakeholders.

  • Integrated Data & Solutions - Civis Data includes numerous data points and is ready for modelling from start. Products such as Audience Center and Identity Resolution provide teams with the accelerators they need.

  • Completely Managed – Civis’ infrastructure auto adjusts to meet any demand. Their devoted systems team keeps everything running smoothly, including supported dashboards and tools.

Civis Pricing

Civis Pricing suits every stage of customer journey analytics implementation. Civis Pricing is not published on the company website.

Civis Demo

Users can schedule a demo with Civis and get consultation about their requirements.

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