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Kitewheel Customer Journey Hub
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Kitewheel Customer Journey Hub USP

Kitewheel provides customer journey analytics software through the Customer Engagement Hub (CEH). CEH enables marketers to use the existing legacy systems and infrastructures to make the customers’ journey more interactive across all the touchpoints. The platform provides marketers with a better visibility about their customers interactions with their organizations, thereby delivering deep insights and facilitating better customer journeys. Customer Journey Hub Pricing suits every stage of customer journey analytics implementation.

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Kitewheel Customer Journey Hub orchestrates marketing and sales technologies to provide contextual interactions throughout the touchpoints. Furthermore, it enables marketers to target individual customers in the real time and helps them in creating optimized customer journeys. Kitewheel Customer Journey Hub provides various features, such as personalized interactions, real-time analytics, and journey process testing. The company provides its solutions through the cloud deployment model and offers product training to support its customer journey analytics customers. Kitewheel pricing plans work perfectly for all kinds of customer analytics budgets.

Key Features:

  • Marketing strategists and relationship managers implement Kitewheel’s interface to create and plan their customer journeys. With one click, the templated journey jumpstarts the user’s process for journey management.
  • Allows users to build an active visualization, so that they can exemplify the value of the paths for conversions, growth, and optimization while sharing those strategies between departments to authorize a cross-functional plan.
  • Provides a powerful processing engine that can helps with personalization and omni-challen data and system integration. Kitewheel also warrants communications are provided at the right content, at the right cadence through the right channel.
  • Provides adaptive machine learning technology to perform various outcomes in real time. Kitewheel can automatically redirect traffic to the most positive outcome for the customer, creating a frictionless path for a highly-satisfying customer experience.
  • Journey Performance in Real Time – The users can measure the ROI of their customer journeys in real time and also integrate their journey results into their current reporting flow. Kitewheel’s Metrics dashboard allows journey monitoring and reporting needs with simple visualizations.
  • Real Time Engine – Kitewheel provides a powerful processing engine that allows users to move past segments and campaigns and drive appropriate and related customer experiences. With functions that can happen in milliseconds, Kitewheel makes sure that conversations are provided at the right content, at the right cadence through the right channel.
  • Track Critical Moments – Kitewheel’s journey discovery model helps businesses to understand the most valuable steps for their customers, and then records those communications to better understand overall customer intent.
  • Personalization – Kitewheel provides businesses with the ability to perform business logic based on current data to customize the experience, and then implement a flawless conversion regardless of the channel. It takes customization out of one department and applies it across the whole customer journey.
  • Real-Time Interaction Management – Kitewheel provides prompt and smart actions that allow for powerful customer experiences. It responds in real-time, and automates the experience required by the data sources and technology to be linked to a real-time decision engine for optimal customer satisfaction.

Customer Journey Hub Pricing

Customer Journey Hub Pricing suits every stage of customer journey analytics implementation. Customer Journey Hub pricing is not published on the company website.

Kitwheel Demo

Users can schedule a demo with Kitewheel and get consultation about their requirements.


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Kitewheel Customer Journey Hub
80 Buyers Negotiating
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Kitewheel Customer Journey Hub Presence in Customer Journey Analytics Software
Kitewheel offers its solutions across the globe through its business ecosystem, which consists of channel partners, technology partners, and resellers. The company has adopted effective organic and inorganic business strategies. As a part of its organic growth strategies, the company has extensively involved itself in R&D activities to launch new products and enhance the capabilities of the existing ones. For instance, in May 2016, Kitewheel upgraded the capabilities of its existing product, Customer Journey Hub, with the launch of Kitewheel 2016. The new product consists of various capabilities to plan, manage, and optimize the customers’ journey. Additionally, the company has introduced several new services. In December 2016, Kitewheel launched Customer Journey Strategy Practice to support its customer journey software and implementation services. Furthermore, as a part of its inorganic strategies, the company has undertaken various partnerships. Recently, in May 2017, Kitewheel partnered with Nucleate, a data-driven marketing company. The partnership has enabled Nucleate to provide its clients real-time journey mapping and data, based on the customer journey to improve the marketing efficiencies.
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