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EngageOne Compose Overview

Pitney Bowes Spectrum Miner is a powerful predictive analytics solution that allows users to create a clear picture of their customers and identify areas of opportunities. Spectrum Miner helps businesses to forecast future and profit-impacting behaviour and gain insights into customers, with the help of 3D data visualization and rapid modelling automation. The company also offers other customer analytics products products like the Potrait Explorer which helps in identifying new customer opportunities via rapid visual insights, Portrait Foundation, which fulfils customer communications and provisioning. Spectrum Miner Pricing suits all stages of customer journey analytics implementation.

Key Features:

Powerful predictive customer analytics capabilities

Spectrum Miner is a next-gen solution that has the ability to meet all the predictive customer analytics requirements, so that the businesses can gain an in-depth understanding of their customers. With its rapid modelling automation and excellent 3D data visualisation, Spectrum Miner can help businesses in anticipating and planning for a range of behaviours and tendencies, so the businesses can:

  • Evaluate and strategize for customer churn
  • Recognise cross sell and up sell opportunities
  • Improve campaign planning and segmentation
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Foresee customer lifetime values

Fast and efficient

The company’s predictive customer analytics software fills the gap between normal BI tools with a restricted scope for exploring data, and number-crunching solutions which need statistical programmers to create queries and produce models.

With Spectrum Miner, businesses can:

  • Leverage a variety of pre-loaded models to enhance speed and increase efficiency
  • Design new models instantly and easily
  • Unite various data sets into a consolidated view for quicker analytics and better results
  • Leverage 3D views and automated analysis functions to quicken decision-making
  • Add location intelligence data with Pitney’s software extensions

Spectrun Miner Pricing

Spectrun Miner pricing suits every stage of customer journey analytics implementation. Spectrun Miner pricing is not published on the company website.

Spectrun Miner Demo

Users can schedule a demo with Spectrun Miner and get consultation about their requirements.

EngageOne Compose USP

Pitney Bowes Predictive Customer Analytics Solution offers an in depth understanding of customers by predicting and planning for a range of customer behavior. The company enables organizations to use a range of pre-defined models to enhance the speed and efficiency and create new models instantly and easily. The company's solutions are extremely user-friendly and the simple UI enables users to transform their data into 3D visuals and gain real insights into their customers. Spectrum Miner pricing is ideal for all customer analytics budgets. 

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