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Pointillist Customer Journey Analytics
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Pointillist offers customer journey analytics software as a SaaS solution to help customers improve the marketing and customer experience. Pointillist’s customer journey analytics solution provides a unified view of the customers as they interact with various brands across different touchpoints. It also offers quick integration of data across a variety of systems and channels. Pointillist’s customer journey analytics software can be employed across an enterprise to enhance customer acquisition, reduce churn, enhance customer experience, and improve the marketing RoI. Pointillist pricing is ideal for all types of customer journey analytics requirements.

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Pointillist customer journey analytics solution uses predictive analytics and machine learning techniques to discover the most important customer journeys so that enterprises can focus on the most impactful concerns and opportunities. The company’s customer journey analytics software provides automated alerts that enable marketing and customer experience teams to automatically engage with each customer at the right time, through the preferred channel and in a relevant, personalized way. It enables marketers to understand the customer journey by applying 4 steps. Pointillist pricing is flexible and it suits for all types of customer journey analytics requirements. The software targets the customer group by segmenting customers based on their behavior and demographics. It then discovers the critical paths taken by the customers to guide them with the easy path and to provide automated engagement throughout the journey. 

Key Features:

  • Real Customer Journeys – Pointillist’s customer journey analytics software discloses the actual paths the customers take, as they involve with the company across touchpoints and over time.
  • Real-time customer behaviour – Businesses can measure the impact of customer behaviour on their metrics and key performance indicators like revenue, customer lifetime value, churn, CSAT and NPS. 
  • Personalized Customer Experiences – With Pointillist’s customer journey analytics businesses can create personalized customer experiences by assessing their current preferences and latest interactions. Pointillist helps in engaging the customers at optimal points along their journey, in real time and through the most effective channels.
  • AI to Make Better Decisions – Pointillist customer journey analytics helps businesses to quickly evaluate hypotheses, forecast future behaviour, and determine what the customers are doing before, after and within their journeys.

Pointillist Pricing

Pointllist Pricing suits every stage of customer journey analytics implementation. Pointllist Pricing is not published on the company website.

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Pointillist Customer Journey Analytics
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Pointillist Customer Journey Analytics Presence in Customer Journey Analytics Software
Pointillist provides its cloud-based customer intelligence platform across the Americas, Europe, and APAC. The company has a direct presence in North America, APAC, and Europe. It provides its solution across various verticals, including retail, financial services, and telecommunications and IT. The company has several competitors in the customer journey analytics market. Some of these competitors include BlueConic, AgilOne, and Sailthru.
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