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Customer Experience Suite
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Customer Experience Suite USP

SAP provides SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud in the customer journey analytics market. The company provides its product for the purpose of business-to-business and business-to-customer use. It can be deployed on-cloud and on-premises models. SAP Hybris Marketing helps companies to know more about their customers in real-time which enables social monitoring and engagement. Request Customer Experience Suite Pricing to get more information.


SAP provides an enterprise-grade multichannel eCommerce and customer engagement software suite. It enables marketers to link customers across all channels and point-of-sale data to create a complete profile of the customers’ information, related to the customers’ behavior during their journeys. It further analyzes the customers’ interactions and accordingly provides customers with personalized recommendations in pursuit of selecting the right products and services. Furthermore, the SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud empowers marketers to connect their marketing and commerce systems with each other. SAP Pricing suits all customer journey analytics implementation budgets.

Key Features:

  • Professional can address customer queries instantly from any channel using omni channel engagements.
  • The users get to use conversational AI to automate discussions and take relevant actions.
  • They can also import content from dissimilar systems into a combined experience to remove information silos.
  • The users can make information easily discoverable from any location, at any time, even outside the normal operating hours.
  • Businesses can run tailored engagements by leveraging social login workflows and they can also enhance their omnichannel strategies with the help of single sign-on, SAML 2.0, and Open ID Connect data federation ethics and authentication options.
  • Enterprises can also quicken their onboarding and time-to-value with advanced profiling, self-service registration, single sign-on, and delegated administration.
  • Businesses can streamline IT administration with the help of policy-based access control and organizational access management and secure against any regulatory risks by protecting sensitive data and intellectual property with dynamic access control.
  • They can also eliminate silos, create a connected customer profile across the organization, and trigger the full value of customer data and achieve deeper customer insights to understand their intent and expect customer behaviour.

Customer Experience Suite Pricing

  • Customer Experience Suite Pricing for SAP Customer Data Cloud – Quote based.
  • Customer Experience Suite Pricing for SAP Marketing Cloud – Quote based.
  • Customer Experience Suite Pricing for SAP Commerce Cloud – Quote based.
  • Customer Experience Suite Pricing for SAP Sales Cloud – Quote based.
  • Customer Experience Suite Pricing for SAP Service Cloud – Quote based.

Customer Experience Suite Demo

Users can schedule a demo with SAP and get consultation about their requirements.


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Customer Experience Suite
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Customer Experience Suite Presence in Customer Journey Analytics Software
SAP provides software and services across 180 countries through its various subsidiaries. The company keeps investing in its R&D activities. In 2016, SAP has invested 13.8% of its total revenue in R&D activities. The company expands its product portfolio and customer base through organic as well as inorganic growth strategies. In the customer journey analytics market, the company has launched new products. For instance, SAP launched the SAP Hybris Marketing solution, which uses real-time data and continuously updates a 360 profile of both existing and potential customers. It enables marketers to reach out to their customers through individual campaigns across all customer touchpoints. Further, the company has formed partnerships and acquired some of the leading software companies. For instance, in December 2016, SAP acquired Abakus, a cloud-based solution provider for cross-channel marketing measurement and optimization. Abakus combines the data, generated through customer interactions and marketing activities, and analyzes it to enhance the organizational performance. In addition, it helps in increasing the marketing Return on Investment (RoI) through closed-loop integration with its execution platforms. Similarly, in February 2015, SAP partnered with various software companies, including BloomReach, Facebook, Marketo, Sprinklr, and Turn, to provide extensions for SAP's Hybris Marketing solution. This partnership has helped SAP to integrate its SAP Hybris Marketing solution with these leading vendors.
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