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PEGASYSTEMS INC in Customer Self-Service Software


Pega is a global leader in providing business process management (BPM) and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms for various industries. Pega’s Build for Change technology helps business users in developing and update executable Web applications without any coding. Business users just have to configure rules and models in an intuitive graphical design studio and Pega automatically developes the application code. Pega’s responsive Omni-Channel UX helps users to create a user interface once and deploy it everywhere. Pega Self-Service Advisor is based on Pega's proven AI engine that surfaces the information about the experience and the customer needs in the moment by analyzing their previous engagement history and current site movements.


Pega CRM's ability to integrate real-time predictive analytics and automated decisioning into customer interactions in any channel is the major USP of the their Customer Self-Service solution. The company makes use of historical and contextual analysis to decide upon the next move to take at each point within each customer conversation. For Web self-service, this means that customer’s historical data and their current screen movement triggers results on the UI. Pega’s solution also makes it easy for customers engaging in a self-service inquiry to escalate to an agent-assisted interaction. The company's Self-Service Advisor has the ability to turn a confusing and costly experience into a positive one with a quicker resolution, reduced customer effort and effective cross-sell for the business.

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