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Canvas is a digital learning platform. It is cloud supported software connecting teachers and students. In the wake of world pandemic, COVID’19 software like Canvas have been a boon. This is software by educational company Instructure that is a technology Company into smart software development. Canvas has been adopted by Newington College, The University of Auckland, The University of Sydney and many other major educational institutions.

Canvas Pricing:

Instructure, the creator of Canvasinstructure have not released canvas pricing. The Canvas pricing structure is dependent on many variables like quantity, training, support, etc. It is given on demand to organizations by Instructure. The user reported pricing data ranked Canvas 65th percentile for price in the LMS (Learning Management System) Category.

Canvas Digital Learning Platforms Demo:

Canvas offers a free account for teachers, also as a two-week, free trial with full-feature functionality. The free teacher account doesn’t contain all the choices available to paid Canvas users. Under Canvas pricing, you are also offered an open-source option for those that want to put it on their own servers rather than using Canvas’ cloud. The paid also because the free-for-teacher versions have different features for courses, Outcomes – describe what a learner should be ready to do and are wont to measure knowledge and skill, Web conferencing – sets a gathering time for the entire class or one-on-one synchronous online discussions, Canvas on mobile – Native iOS and Android apps allow students to require a whole course from their mobile device. 

Canvas Digital Learning Platforms Features:

Here are a few features offered by Canvas digital learning platforms:

  • In-depth learning experience
  • Organized course structure
    • Different settings and devices support
    • E-Portfolio for students
    • Easy assessment for teachers
  • Staunch connectivity
    • Real-time data updates
    • Introduced by AWS (Amazon Web Services)
    • Fast and accurate
    • 99.9 % uptime
  • Canvas digital learning platforms catalogue
    • Publish Courses to access more learners
    • Top assessment tools
    • Gather and analyse data


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Canvas Reviews


James Smith

May 07, 2020

“Multidimensional Learning”

Easy to use portfolio is created that depicts volunteer experiences and internships.
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Buyer, Education, SME

May 07, 2020

“Data is obtained at the right time”

Canvas LMS’s MasteryConnect helps gather and organize information timely.
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